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Currently two cyclones are impacting Australia's north. Picture: Earthschool.

‘Stay indoors’ warning as cyclone hits WA


Residents are being warned to "stay indoors" as the extremely dangerous tropical Cyclone Veronica brings wild winds and heavy rain in Western Australia today

SCORCHER: It's going to get hot in Mackay over the weekend, with a heatwave expected for the region.

Australia’s record heat


It’s been a blistering start to autumn with another heatwave across three states, just as we get through what has officially been the hottest summer on record

Historical antarctic images from Mercury files: Shackleton 1914 expedition. Frank Hurley's memorable photo of the Endurance being crushed by ice.

Search for Shackleton’s ship abandoned


Explorers have lost their hi-tech autonomous submarine under the ice in the Weddell Sea, forcing them to call off their search for Ernest Shackleton’s famous ship, Endurance


People and pets rescued from floodwaters

A supplied image obtained on Sunday, February 3, 2019, of Queensland Fire and Emergency Services crews responding to flood conditions in Townsville. Between 400 and 500 homes have been inundated in Townsville amid North Queensland's flood crisis. (AAP Image/Supplied by QFES) NO ARCHIVING

Townsville’s mayor has urged the city’s residents to “hang tough” as the Army and emergency services personnel work hard to keep everyone safe after record rain in Queensland

America shivers through record big freeze

The frozen mist from Niagara Falls coats the landscape around Prospect Point at Niagara Falls State Park, Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014. The Polar Vortex brought high winds and frigid temperatures to the area. (AP Photo/The Niagara Gazette, James Neiss) BUFFALO NEWS OUT; BATAVIA DAILY NEWS OUT

As Australia swelters through record-breaking heat, North America is experiencing extreme, record-breaking cold, with Niagara Falls looking like a scene out of the movie Frozen

Mega dust storm 500km long blankets Sydney

A severe dust storm painted the skies over Broken Hill red yesterday. Picture: NSW SES

Strong winds have stripped drought-stricken Central Australia and western NSW of thousands of tonnes of precious topsoil, forming a dust storm that moved east over Sydney and out to sea

Rain, hail or shine, this is a job for you


Australian scientists are calling on citizen scientists — including kids — to use a new app to record extreme weather events where you live and help improve forecasting

Why is the sky blue?

Ayers Rock under a blue sky Uluru National Park, Australia.

Lots of us think the sky is blue because it’s a reflection of the ocean or moisture in the air, but it’s not. Next time someone asks, you’ll be able to give the right answer

Australian paddles to icy world record

Dan Bull on his world record 2.5km kyak of a lake at 5707m on Ojos del Salado on the border of Chile and Argentina in March 2018.

Australian climber Dan Bull has a second world record to his name after trekking 5707m up a mountain to a frozen lake to complete the highest kayak on earth

Outdoor dining, Antarctic style

What happens when you try cooking in Antarctica... a barbecue is out of the question.

Spring weather and warm mean something completely different on Antarctica, as these funny outdoor cooking photos show. What would you like to try to cook outdoors there?

Safety fears over weather service changes

Picture: BOM ALMOST the entire south east corner of the nation is on high alert as one of the biggest storms in 50 years causes chaos. The Bureau of Meteorology has issued severe weather warnings in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, the ACT and Tasmania. An intense lower pressure system will continue to move across SA today after super cell thunderstorms brought down the entire power network on Wednesday .

Planned changes to the way weather is forecast in Australia sparks fears for people’s safety in extreme weather. Do you know how weather is forecast?

US prepares for Hurricane Florence

This image provided by NASA shows Hurricane Florence from the International Space Station on Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018, as it threatens the U.S. East Coast. Hurricane Florence is coming closer and getting stronger on a path to squat over North and South Carolina for days, surging over the coast, dumping feet of water deep inland and causing floods from the sea to the Appalachian Mountains and back again. (NASA via AP)

A dangerous storm called Hurricane Florence is on its way to the US state of North Carolina, with preparations continuing to keep everyone safe

Boy raises $1 million

Fanuli Furniture concerns over B Line proposal

A 10-year-old boy’s response to learning about Australia’s drought was to find a way to help. In five weeks, he has raised more than one million dollars. What are your ideas for helping people?

Camels for Australian drought trial

Drought - Queensland

Camels may be big and hungry, but they’re used to dry conditions and eat differently to cattle, so they could help care for drought-affected Australian farmland

Rising temperatures in colour

Supplied Prof Ed Hawkins warming stripes climate change visualisations - Global

It looks like a piece of art, but it’s a picture of Australia’s average temperatures and shows it really is getting hotter

Big rain events getting bigger, faster

Driving at sunset

An international study of 50 years of Australian rain storms finds they are getting more extreme faster than expected and we need to change our flood planning

Record-breaking northern summer

A woman uses a portable fan to cool herself in Tokyo on July 24, 2018, as Japan suffers from a heatwave. An "unprecedented" heatwave in Japan has killed at least 65 people in one week, government officials said on July 24, with the weather agency now classifying the record-breaking weather as a "natural disaster." / AFP PHOTO / Martin BUREAU

Australians are used to heatwaves and our gardens, houses, schools and clothes are designed to help us keep comfortable. When heat hits in cold places, it’s hard to keep cool

Australians come to farmers’ rescue


One newspaper story about a family in need prompted a flood of donations and tears of joy and gratitude at the many kindnesses. What could you do to help Australia’s struggling farmers?

Massive iceberg sparks tsunami fears

In this Thursday, July 12, 2018 photo, a view of an Iceberg, near the village Innarsuit, on the northwestern Greenlandic coast. Scientists have watched an iceberg four miles long break off from a glacier. The iceberg is allegedly grounded on the sea floor. Residents in houses near the shore are prepared for an evacuation. (Karl Petersen/Ritzau Scanpix via AP)

Large and frequent icebergs off the Greenland coast are making life difficult for residents. The latest iceberg is very big and could be very dangerous

Shortest day of the year is here

Belgrave Lantern Parade

This is the time of the year it’s dark morning and night. For centuries that’s been a cause for celebration. How would you like to celebrate winter solstice?

Antarctic ice melting faster than expected

Ice Floes © Rob Bryson/Australian Antarctic Division

Scientists have discovered Antarctic ice is melting much faster than expected, leading to higher than predicted sea-level rises

Big dry hitting farmers hard

Tamworth Drought

Assistance is badly needed as farmers battle another dry autumn, some enduring their seventh year of drought

Town where polar bears outnumber people

Polar bear

It’s freezing all year and dark day and night all winter but tourists flock there and locals love it. How is life bear-able in Svalbad?

Aussies tackle cyclone and bushfires

Satellite image showing Tropical Cyclone Marcus over Darwin in March 2018

Extreme weather sees Australian residents battling a tropical cyclone in Darwin and dangerous bushfires in NSW and Victoria

Trapped kids rescued from school camp

Students return home from camp

Students rescued after Queensland floodwaters trapped them for almost a week on school camp

Fighting fires from the air at night

Fire approaches the Trollope family home at Labertouche in Gippsland. Helicopter Elvis arrives in the nick of time. Bushfires. Fires.

Fighting fires from the air at night will be tested for the first time in Australia this week. If successful, it will help firefighters tackle blazes early and save many lives

Climate change could ruin holidays


Extreme weather events caused by climate change are expected to make Queensland holidays less attractive for tourists

Nine-hour rainbow sets record

Record-breaking long rainbow is Taiwan. Picture: YouTube

Rainbow in Taiwan lasts for almost nine hours, giving onlookers plenty of time to admire the record-breaking natural phenomenon. 

Our cities could be too hot to live in

Monash University research has confirmed that people living in the city of Darwin are at risk from heatwaves. Darwin Resident mark Emmerford battles the heat.

Centuries-old heatwave records have fallen across Australia raising concerns cities like Darwin could soon be too hot to live in

20 years of weather in two minutes

NASA releases global video map. Picture: supplied

NASA captured 20 years of changing seasons in a striking new global map of our home planet. VIDEO

What’s the weather like, kids?

Livinia Nixon Kids Weather Book

TV weather presenter Livinia Nixon has combined her passions to launch a children’s book and kids' weather kit

Hurricane Irma clean-up begins

Powerful Hurricane Irma Slams Into Florida

UPDATE: The devastating effects of Hurricane Irma have become clear as a massive clean-up begins in the southwest of America

Rug up Australia, winter is here!

Rug up Australia, winter is here!

Dipping temperatures and snowy peaks mark the start of another Aussie winter

Cold front sweeps Victoria

Cold front sweeps Victoria

Rain, hail and shine for Victorians as they rug up for more wet and cold weather on the way

Queensland counts cyclone cost

Queensland counts cyclone cost

Cyclone Debbie hit hard, attention now shifts to helping those most in need

Evacuations as cyclone hits Qld

Strong winds lash Bowen, Tuesday, March 28, 2017. Cyclone Debbie's destructive core is battering the exposed mainland town of Airlie Beach where it has damaged homes and snapped trees after blasting Whitsunday Islands with wind gusts above 260km/h. The category four storm is now expected to hit slightly north of Airlie Beach at 1pm (AEST), rather than just to the south of nearby Bowen as was previously forecast. (AAP Image/Sarah Motherwell) NO ARCHIVING

UPDATE: Cyclone Debbie makes landfall in northern Queensland after being upgraded to category 4 storm

Feeling all hot and cold?

Feeling all hot and cold?

Victorians wished they had gloves and scarfs this week, only a couple of days after record-breaking heatwaves in NSW and Qld.