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Flirting female humanoid robot

Wanted: a real human face for robots


A technology company has begun a global search for a real face to replicate on its personal assistant robots, offering the chosen human a payment of $190,000

Out-there plan for 13-minute journey to Mars


A NASA scientist has designed a rocket that could reach close to the speed of light without using any fuel, going to the Moon in just over a second and putting distant stars within reach

Dr Scott-Morgan’s avatar. Picture: Youtube, Embody DigitalSource:Supplied

Scientist becomes world’s first full cyborg


A world-renowned roboticist with motor neurone disease is transforming himself into a robot to extend his life, with plenty more upgrades and updates planned for the future


Kid-watching home spy invention on way

Woman eats night stole the refrigerator

Google has legal permission to develop technology that monitors where children are at home and what they are doing, eating and saying, raising concerns about privacy and children’s rights

Paralysed man walks with exoskeleton


A man paralysed from the shoulders down has walked using a four-limb robotic exoskeleton controlled by signals sent from sensors implanted in his brain

First robotic shop open for business

Australia's First Robot Store

Robots served ice cream to excited kids on day one at Australia’s first robotic shop, in a move said to be about enhancing the customer experience rather than taking humans’ jobs

Hungry? Order a drone to bring lunch

Alphabet has been testing its Project Wing drone deliveries in areas around Canberra, ACT. Picture: supplied

Flying roast chickens, hot coffee, milk, bread and hardware will drop from the air into Australian backyards in a world-first drone delivery trial expected to launch within weeks

Are parents ignoring kids’ rights?

safe kids

As the UN reviews the rights of children in the digital age, it has found parents who share online their children’s pictures or personal information may be violating their human rights

Happy or sad? Students send teachers emojis


School kids will soon be able to use emojis to instantly tell their teachers whether they’re feeling happy, confident, overwhelmed, bored or confused by what’s going on in the classroom

Students see benefit of phone bans, like it or not

Underdale High phone ban

Not everyone likes or agrees with banning phones in schools, but students with bans in place admit school is better without devices. We check in on phone bans around the country

Feeling sick? Pepper the robot is here to help

The International Consumer Electronics Show

Get ready for robots offering health advice and even criticising your bad health habits. In fact, humanoid robots have already been on the job in Australian hospitals and clinics

Teen Fortnite world champ now a millionaire

just for fun

A teenager has collected more than $4.3 million in prizemoney after becoming world champion of the computer game Fortnite, beating 40 million gamers who applied to compete

Flying man with jetpack wows Sydney crowds

Jetpack Flight David Mayman

Personal flying devices look closer to becoming a reality after a man wearing a jetpack flew around Sydney Harbour and another man zoomed over Paris on a high-speed hoverboard

Chatty family dinners at risk of dying out

Conflict in a family

Few Australian families sit down together for dinner every night and many use their phones, watch TV or sit in silence or argue while they eat, according to new research

Celebrating World Emoji Day with Tears of Joy

just for fun

World Emoji Day on July 17 is a fun, annual celebration of one of the world’s newest ways of communicating. We look at what emojis are, who invented them and if they are a real language

Plan to power Singapore with Australian sunshine

Silverton - Day 1

Our hot Northern Territory sunshine could soon be farmed for electricity to power Singapore in an ambitious plan to make Australia a world leader in making renewable energy

Aussie teen inventor’s big chicken nugget plan


A young Australian inventor plans to change the world one chicken nugget at a time, with one of the biggest food companies investing millions of dollars to help him develop his recipe

NASA to send dragonfly to Saturn’s moon Titan


Using a drone called Dragonfly, NASA will have a good look around Titan to see if microbial life or even humans could live on Saturn’s large, icy moon

Victoria bans student phones at schools

Mobile phone ban at all public schools
safe kids

Students at all Victorian government schools will be banned from using or carrying phones from first to last bell from next year in an attempt to reduce distraction and cyber bullying

Push for in-ground traffic lights for phone users

The lights will work better at night but the brightness can be increased during the day. Picture: TAC

Looking at a smartphone while walking near or across roads is dangerous. To keep people safe, Sydney and Melbourne have trialled in-ground traffic lights, with Adelaide set to follow

Weird ways tech could be changing our skeletons

Teenager boy outdoors using mobile phone

Modern life could be causing big changes to our bodies. Not all the possible changes are desirable and some of them are alarming, from spiky skull growths to narrower elbows

Flying cars preparing for take off in Australia


Melbourne has won a global competition to host the first international base for Uber flying cars, with test flights to begin next year and driverless flights planned for the future

NASA welcomes holiday-makers to space


The International Space Station is about to become the latest holiday destination with the first tourists blasting off next year. A ticket will cost about $83 million, air included

Video game addiction officially a disease

Gamer boy

A small number of people are developing a big problem with gaming. The World Health Organisation has just officially declared this addiction to games a disease

Australian teen inventor stars in YouTube Story


YouTube has chosen an Australian teenage inventor to feature in a special documentary about her work and her potentially lifesaving creation and now the whole world is watching

Billionaire reveals space cities to house a trillion people

Jeff Bezos reckons his private space firm Blue Origins will one day help to build enormous space habitats for humans Credit: BLUE ORIGIN

The world’s richest person has unveiled his plans to colonise space with huge, floating, rotating habitats holding cities, farmland and even national parks

Exploring Minecraft’s new Australian city

A look at 'mini Melbourne' built in the Minecraft video game. Federation Square

Dig for false teeth, look for drop bears and search for wildlife in a new Minecraft mini Melbourne to learn about science, maths, archaeology and engineering

What is cryptocurrency and how does it work?

Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum

Bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherium are three examples of cryptocurrencies being used to buy goods online. We explain what cryptocurrency is, how it works and if it is here to stay

3D printer making recycled plastic fantastic

This is one of the prosthetic hands that will be 3D printed using waste plastic.

An Australian hairdresser is turning plastic shampoo bottles into 3D-printed prosthetic limbs, helping repurpose waste and giving a hand to those who need one

Compulsive phone use affects wellbeing

Parents Monitoring Kids

Port Adelaide AFL players are putting away their phones and a new study has found we might all feel better about ourselves if we follow their lead

Astronauts take six-hour space walk

This image provided by NASA shows astronauts Anne McClain and Nick Hague taking a spacewalk to replace aging batteries on the International Space Station on Friday, March 22, 2019. Friday’s spacewalk is the first of three planned excursions to replace batteries and perform other maintenance. (NASA via AP)

Two NASA astronauts took a walk out in space for more than six hours to change some batteries on Friday. They finished early, so had time for some cleaning and sightseeing

High-speed rail on the fast track to reality

A trip between Melbourne and Geelong would take just 32 minutes on the fast rail line to be announced 21/3/19

PM Scott Morrison has promised to spend billions of dollars on high-speed rail links across Australia with the first project linking Melbourne to Geelong in 32 minutes

Harry Potter on mission to get gamers outdoors

24/09/2002 PIRATE: Actor Daniel Radcliffe in scene from film "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets". /Films/Titles/Harry/Potter/and/the/Chamber/of/Secrets
just for fun

Get ready for the next Harry Potter craze — and one of its main aims is to get fans and gamers spending more time outdoors in a Pokemon Go-style treasure hunt

The World Wide Web turns 30

30 years since the world wide web. Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the internet, celebrates and reflects on the achievements and challenges for the future, 30 years on from the internet’s beginnings

Superhero night vision for humans

Humans could one day have a superpower like X-men, Spiderman or Batman

Like Spider-Man and Batman, humans could one day have the power to see in the dark after scientists successfully tried their idea on mice

Australia under attack from cyber hackers

Cyber Attack A01

In the wake of several recent cyber attacks of major Australian organisations, we look at hackers, malware and the simple things we can do to help keep our information safe

Young people need to turn down the music

Young people around the world are risking deafness by listening to loud noise through headphones.

More than 1 billion young people around the world are risking deafness by listening to loud noise through headphones, prompting the UN to issue international safe-volume standards

Teens win award for looking after nan


Two young Tasmanians have taken out Australia’s top student science award for an invention to keep Mitchell’s great-grandmother, Gwen, safe from a fall

Predicting drought and bushfires from space

Twin GRACE-FO satellites will follow each other in orbit around the Earth, separated by about 220 km. Picture: NASA

Australian researchers have moved their focus to space to learn more about how to foresee and manage future droughts and bushfires on Earth

Robot with skin can sense humans nearby

Porsche AG

An incredible car-making robot in a Porsche factory will wear special skin over its metal muscles to sense human co-workers and help keep them safe from injury

Voyager 2, Australia is listening to you

This NASA artist's concept shows the general locations of NASA's two Voyager spacecraft, Voyager 1 (top) has sailed beyond our solar bubble into interstellar space, the space between stars, and Voyager 2 (bottom) is still exploring the outer layer of the solar bubble. - NASA's Voyager 2 probe has left the protective bubble around the Sun and is flying through interstellar space, becoming the second human-made object to travel so far, the US space agency said December 10, 2018. The announcement came six years after its twin spacecraft, Voyager 1, broke the outer boundary of the heliopause, where the hot solar wind meets the cold, dense space between stars, known as the interstellar medium. (Photo by HO / NASA/JPL-CALTECH / AFP) / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY CREDIT "AFP PHOTO / NASA/JPL-CALTECH" - NO MARKETING NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS

After 41 years in space, Voyager 2 has finally left the Sun’s heliosphere. As it moved into interstellar space, Earth received its farewell messages via Australia’s very special radio telescope and antenna

Apple’s iSheet invention for a better night’s sleep

Tranquil scene of a woman sleeping on cloud

The technology company that brought us the iPhone has a new invention that watches us as we sleep, helping keep us healthy but not, Apple promises, invading our privacy

Aussies a vital link for asteroid landing

An artist's impression of the Osiris-REX spacecraft near the asteroid Bennu. CREDIT: NASA

Australia’s deep-space experts are an important communication link between NASA and a far-off spacecraft about to arrive at the asteroid Bennu. And this important mission has only just begun!

Robot builds three-bedroom house in three days

Artist impression of the Hadrian X, Fastbrick Robotics bricklaying machine. This is the first fully automated bricklaying machine in the world and will be released commercially in Perth at the start of 2017.

It lays bricks quickly and perfectly and won’t put bricklayers out of a job, according to the inventors of a robot that just built a family home over a long weekend

Plan to microchip workers to boost security

animal implant on the finger; microchip;

Big companies are working with a Swedish tech giant to explore the possibility of microchipping employees to boost workplace security

Human brain and memory enhancement possible soon

Human Internal Organic - Brain.

Researchers are already working on changing, improving and rewriting humans’ memories, which means they also have to find ways to keep our brains safe from hackers

Technology causing drop in hand strength

Team of surgeons operating on patient in hospital

Young people aren’t spending enough time playing with toys and at craft activities to develop their hand dexterity. Do you think technology is reducing the time you spend using your hands?

China’s giant fake-moon plan

Red Moon

A bold plan to launch a giant artificial moon into orbit around the Earth to light China’s night sky has lots of people pretty excited. But can it really work?

Kids building helping hands

Supplied Editorial

Students are setting aside Lego and picking up the makings of prosthetic hands in a program that helps those in need overseas. What would you make if you were an engineer?

Car that drives itself while you catch up on sleep

Volvo 360c autonomous car concept.

Volvo has devised a driverless concept car complete with sleeping cabin to replace short-distance flights. But would you feel safe to have a snooze?

France’s school mobile ban begins

Disinterested pupils in classroom and frustraited teacher.

France’s mobile device ban in all schools is an interesting case study for Australian teachers, parents and students.  But should Australia follow France’s lead?

School spying trials in Australia

Facial recognition system display

Advanced facial recognition technology is being trialled in Australian schools to check where students are. Do you agree with this idea?

Drone films Amazon tribe

This 2017 photo released by the National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) shows a "maloca," or long house, in Vale do Javari, Amazonas state, Brazil. Overall, the agency has registered 107 isolated tribes in Latin America's largest nation. While isolated communities are sometimes captured on video, Funai does not make contact with them. (FUNAI via AP)

A drone has filmed a tribe in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, which experts believe has never been in contact with the outside world

VR film here at last

VR Film Festival

Forward thinkers first dreamt of virtual reality more than 100 years ago, but it’s taken a long time for the technology to catch up. Now, VR film is finally becoming an everyday reality

Screen time can be green time

Young woman on mountain top text messaging on mobile phone

Research tells us we love technology and it’s nature that makes us feed good, but you don’t have to choose one or the other. How could you use your screen time in nature?

New job for Australia’s first computer

Australia's first computer

Australia’s first computer goes on display to inspire kids to be part of the next generation of scientists and innovators. Can you believe how big it is?

Massive asteroid zooming past Earth

The asteroid Vesta, imaged recently by NASA's Dawn spacecraft from a distance of 41,000 kilometres. PHOTO: NASA

Look up in the night sky near Sagittarius right now and you can see a glowing, yellow sphere that’s a very big and very near asteroid. Can you see it?

Turning plastic into something precious

Precious Plastic

Australians are getting together in their backyards to turn the world’s plastic pollution into beautiful, valuable new things

Hypersonic jet to fly New York-London in two hours

Boeing unveils new hypersonic jet

Hypersonic jets that travel five times faster than the speed of sound could be taking passengers by 2030

Australia-first review into phones at school

elementary school students with smartphones

NSW orders Australia’s first review into the dangers and benefits of smartphone use in schools

Australian cities fight for flying car trials

Concept vehicles for Uber's flying car project, UberAIR.

Flying car trials by UberAIR are planned for three cities by 2020. Melbourne and Sydney are battling it out to be part of that plan

World-first bionic eye ready to see

Daily Telegraph

An amazing new Australian bionic-eye invention looks set to change the lives of millions of blind people around the world

People power builds Australia’s electric highway

Electric car charging station

Tired of waiting for the government, electric-car owners of Australia have united to build a massive “electric highway” of charging stations right around the country

Apple acts to stop iPhone addicts

Milan, Italy - October 17, 2013: Close up of the home page of new Apple iphone 5 with the new IOS 7 os. The iphone 5 is the new smartphone made by Apple Inc. It was released on September 21st 2012, the iPhone 5 is Apple's first mobile phone with a 4"

Apple has launched a new tool to stop children and adults spending too much time on their phones and becoming addicted

Medical drones the next frontier

North shore councils should be making better use of drones, a new report says.

Drones are not just toys. They’re already being tested as a way to save lives in medical emergencies. We look at what other important jobs could they do

Call to block phones in cars to cut road toll


Government report predicts texting and selfies will cause road death numbers to rise. A national safety organisation says the only way to stop phone use is to block mobile signals in every car

Virtual Prime Minister beams in

Finance Minister Grant Robertson Delivers Budget 2018

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern couldn’t be at a technology conference in person. So, she attended as a hologram, in a world first for a national leader

How astronauts stay in touch from space

This undated NASA handout photo released on April 24, 2017 shows NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson aboard the International Speace Station. NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson flew through the standing record for cumulative time spent in space by a US astronaut at 1:27 a.m. EDT on April 24, 2017, and with the recent extension of her stay at the International Space Station, she has five months to rack up a new one. / AFP PHOTO / NASA / Handout / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY CREDIT "AFP PHOTO / NASA " - NO MARKETING NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS

Astronauts can feel isolated while spending months in space, but technology is helping them stay entertained and connected with loved ones back on Earth

Robots replace humans

Sundar Pichai

Internet company Google has invented a way for robots to replace humans on the phone, sending emails and driving cars. Is that exciting or creepy?

Robot teachers take over class

Preps v robot

In classrooms all around the world, a new type of teacher is helping students learn. And it’s not a human. It’s a robot. Would you like a robot teacher?

Aussie students on Mars robot mission

Mars rover by Monash students

An Australian robot designed and built by students could one day work on Mars alongside humans, helping us learn more about this harsh, hot planet

We’re hanging up on the home phone

Smiling redhead girl in red polka dot dress with green dial phone on yellow background.

Home phone use could be extinct in Australia in 20 years as residents switch to mobiles and internet devices

Hacker’s good and evil tale of technology


A former teen hacker nicknamed Mafiaboy explains how kids have to protect themselves in a world where technology can be positive or take them to the dark side

Great ideas that started in garages

1989 file photo of David Packard (L) & Bill Hewlett (R) posing in front of famous garage in Palo Alto, California, where they founded Hewlett Packard Company. F/L

We take a look at five of the world’s biggest companies that started with inventors working out of garages to create famous products

Hannah builds bionic hand on holidays

Bionic hand girl

Year 8 student Hannah Black builds a working bionic hand as a holiday project.

Are your parents spying on you?

Businesswoman holding binoculars

Survey reveals one in three parents are spying on their children with technology — and some even want to microchip their kids to know their exact location

Students visit Mars in new hi-tech Pod

Coomera Anglican College on the Gold Coast has built a future focused technology hub called The Pod for $4.5 million

Coomera Anglican College students visit Mars, the Sahara and rainforests all without leaving school in their new $4.5 million hi-tech learning Pod

VR helps cure fear of flying

How going on a virtual flight can help people overcome their fear of flying ...

An Adelaide doctor is using virtual reality to help patients overcome their fear of flying.

Get off that screen for just one day

Health- Sleep

This weekend’s National Day of Unplugging is urging all Australians to turn off their digital devices for one day and reconnect with loved ones

iPhone helps the deaf hear music

Cochlear implant centre opening

The latest version of the cochlear implant can connect directly to an iPhone allowing users to stream music and videos straight to their brain

Your face will soon be your passport

Face detection software recognizing a face of beautiful young woman

Australian airports are testing technology that recognises your face instead of having to carry a passport.

Robot dog’s new trick — it opens doors

Boston Dynamics' door-opening SpotMini was the No. 1 video on YouTube on Tuesday.

Meet SpotMini, the robot dog that’s been taught a new trick — it opens doors by itself.

Powerful rocket sends car into space

Tesla in space

SpaceX successfully launches world’s most powerful rocket and sends a car into space in the hope it will reach Mars. VIDEO

Call to ban smartphones in schools

Cyber Bullying Online Bullying Victim
safe kids

There’s a push to ban smartphones in schools to prevent cyberbullying and to improve students’ focus on learning

Bringing school technology up to speed

New advanced learnng studio

Amid fears many students are lacking in digital literacy by having out-of-date technology in their classrooms, HP is offering half a million dollars worth of grants to bring classrooms up to speed

Robotic hand could have magic touch

Mind-controlled arm feature.

A ROBOTIC hand that restores* the sense of touch could soon be a reality with researchers close to unlocking the brain patterns that control natural hand actions.

Google view of Christmas Island crabs

Crab Migration

Parks Australia has teamed up with internet giant Google to show off one of the country’s most incredible natural phenomena. VIDEO

25 years since the first text message


Who sent the very first text message to a mobile phone? And what did it say?

Student activity screened

Education Generic

School students’ days of playing games and streaming content when they should be working in class could be numbered, with the introduction of an Australian-made program

Going cashless at hi-tech tuck shops

Cashless lunch

Canteens are going cashless in schools across Australia as technology changes the way we interact with money

Hyperloop travel plan picks up speed

Artist's impression of the VicHyper capsule crossing Australia. Pic supplied.

Elon Musk’s idea to build a Hyperloop to hurtle passengers around the country at more than 1000km/h in an elevated tube is gaining momentum. VIDEO

Teacher a Wootube sensation


Sydney mathematics teacher Eddie Woo’s YouTube channel was made for one student. Now it has more than 100,000 subscribers. VIDEO

NASA next stop for mini inventor

Mini scientists wins a trip to NASA

This mini inventor will soon be jetting off to NASA’s headquarters in the US after winning a national invention prize for her wheelchair hoist

Tech event to empower teachers

HP's Sprout computer turns objects into 3D on the screen.

Teachers keen to prepare their students for hi-tech jobs of the future have a unique chance to tap into innovative teaching techniques.

Nursery rhymes in decline

2 year olds Alyse Thorton, Molly Murphy and Hayley Carson read Old McDonald at Amaze Childcare in Silkstone. Photo Lachie Millard

Generations of Aussie kids have grown up with nursery rhymes but there are growing fears they are disappearing in a world of hi-tech toys and gadgets

Junior tech tycoon goes global

Yuma the 10-year-old AR app developer shows off his app ahead of conference in Egypt

Grade 5 student Yuma impressed Apple CEO Tim Cook and US First Lady Michelle Obama with his apps. Now he’s off to speak at a conference in Egypt. VIDEO

How technology changed our lives

Pile of old technology, still-life. Obselete computers.

Technology has changed almost everything about the way we live. VIDEO

Robot awarded Saudi Arabian citizenship

Diary Note- Sophia - the World's Most Advanced Hum

Sophia the humanoid robot has been granted Saudi Arabian citizenship during a tech conference. VIDEO

Cracking the future jobs code

Coding in schools

How coding is helping to teach children the skills they will need to perform jobs of the future. You know, the ones that haven’t been created yet. VIDEO

Aussie e-sports hit the big time

LG Dire Wolves A CRACK team of gamers from Sydney will become the first Australians to compete for a multimillion-dollar jackpot on the world stage next week after winning a place in the League of Legends World Championships. The LG Dire Wolves are travelling to China for the tournament and will play before a crowd bigger than the NRL or AFL grand final. L-R are MITCHELL SHAW (DESTINX) SHERN TAI (SHERNFIRE) RICHARD SU (PHANTIKS) CALVIN TRUONG (KING) RYAN SHORT (CHIPPYS)

An Australian e-sports team will be the first in Oceania to compete in the League of Legends World Championship in front of almost 50 million people