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North Korea to join with China, Japan and South Korea for radical World Cup bid

Fred Nathan, May 16, 2017 6:00PM News Corp Australia

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NORTH KOREA’s leader Kim Jong-un is putting his hand up for his Communist country to host the 2030 World Cup as part of an ambitious joint bid with neighbouring South Korea, China and Japan.

South Korea’s football chief Chung Mong-gyu has said he believes in the co-hosting plan, despite tensions* with the secretive nation.

The Korea Herald reports details have not yet been discussed, but that football bosses in Asia are keen on integrating* the nation with a notorious* reputation into their plans.

“If South Korea, North Korea, China and Japan have a discussion, I think we have a good possibility of co-hosting the 2030 FIFA World Cup,” Chung told reporters.

Pyongyang stadium in 2002. Picture: Getty Images media_cameraPyongyang stadium in 2002. Picture: Getty Images

Chung recently won a seat on the FIFA council, becoming the first South Korean since 2001 to be appointed to the organisation which makes all the key decisions.

And he added that FIFA president Gianni Infantino is keen on the four nations hosting the major event — but that North Korea would join the bid once the other three agree.

“If South Korea, China, and Japan decide to stage the World Cup, it can be really appealing to others in terms of financial conditions,” Chung said.

If the joint Asian bid for the World Cup was successful, visitors could have a hard time getting to the North Korean matches.

The Australian Government’s travel advice website advises tourists to avoid travel to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), which is North Korea.

North Korea playing against Saudi Arabia in Melbourne. Picture: George Salpigtidis media_cameraNorth Korea playing against Saudi Arabia in Melbourne. Picture: George Salpigtidis

“We advise you to reconsider your need to travel to the DPRK due to restrictions placed on foreigners and very different laws and regulations applying to behaviour, as well as intermittent DPRK threats against international interests,” the website states.

Getting a visa to visit the nation is difficult and foreigners, including Australians, have been detained* and questioned in the past.

Kim Jong-un is believed to have become a devoted supporter of the Italian Serie A soccer league thanks to the impact 18-year-old North Korean Han Kwang-song has made at his club Cagliari.

North Korea’s capital Pyongyang has a 114,000-seat stadium that hosts football matches but the national team — currently ranked 116th in the world — has struggled to make its mark on the international arena.

North Korea supporters. Picture: AP Photo media_cameraNorth Korea supporters. Picture: AP Photo

North Korea has appeared in two World Cups, the 1966 and 2010 tournaments.

It finished at the bottom of its group in South Africa seven years ago and again in the 2015 Asian Cup in Australia.

North Korea will not take part in next year’s World Cup in Russia, having already been eliminated in the qualifying rounds.

*This article was originally published by The Sun and was reproduced with permission.


tensions: strain

integrating: combining

notorious: famous for a bad reason

detained: stopped and held in one location



Activity 1. North Korea’s Bid

Read or listen to the article and answer the following questions:

– What is North Korea hoping to co-host?

– Who are they planning to put in a bid with?

– Where do you think some of the matches would be played if North Korea is successful?

– How many years from now is this World Cup competition?

– Why does North Korea’s leader follow the Italian Serie A soccer league?

– Where are North Korea ranked in World Football?

Extension: Football World Cup

– How often are FIFA World Cups held?

– Where and when is the next World Cup being held?

– How many teams play in the World Cup?

– How are the teams selected?

Time: allow 40 minutes to complete this activity

Curriculum links: English

Activity 2. Research these countries.

On a copy of a world map, locate, label and colour the four countries mentioned in this bid for the World Cup.

Using your library or the internet find the following information for each country:

Country name

Capital City

Approximate Population

Current leader (including their title)


World Cup uniform colours

Famous Landmarks


If these four nations are successful in their bid to host the 2030 World Cup, they will need a logo.

Design a logo that represents all four nations and clearly shows that it is for the 2030 World Cup.

Time: allow 60 minutes to complete this activity

Curriculum links: English, The Humanities – Geography, Visual Communication Design


(Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation)

Numbers everywhere

There are a lot of numbers in this text.

Write them out in words and write them in order from smallest to largest.


Create a poster to promote North Korea, South Korea, China and Japan as a host for the 2030 World Cup.

You will need to do some research to include some sights and famous landmarks that could attract tourists.

Time: allow 40 minutes to complete this activity

Curriculum Links: English, Big Write and VCOP







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