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Melbourne girl is on the run to Canberra for a good cause

Catherine Lambert, May 31, 2020 6:45PM Herald Sun

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Molly Bremner, 9, is in training to run from her Melbourne home to Canberra to raise money for the Children's Cancer Institute. Picture: David Caird media_cameraMolly Bremner, 9, is in training to run from her Melbourne home to Canberra to raise money for the Children's Cancer Institute. Picture: David Caird


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She wears size four clothes and only just reaches the armpit of her competitors, but Molly Bremner has a heart as big as the sky.

The nine-year-old who was born eight weeks premature has been running for as long as her mother, Angela, 38, can remember.

“When Molly started walking, it was at one speed, which was full speed,” Mrs Bremner said.

“She didn’t walk. She just ran everywhere.”

And she is still running.

Every day Molly, from Essendon West in Victoria, runs 3-6km and on the weekends she runs 21km. During isolation when she has been slightly curtailed*, she runs around the block — 35 times at once.

She’s in training for her plans to run to Canberra in September to raise money for children’s brain cancer, which sadly took the life of her sister, Phoebe, when she was only seven months old.

media_cameraMolly’s big sister, Lucy, her dad, Chris, and mum, Angela, holding baby Phoebe, who died of brain cancer at seven months old, before Molly was born.

“Molly is the only person in our whole family who never got to meet Phoebe because she died before Molly was born,” Mrs Bremner said.

“She feels left out and it was her idea to do this run for the Children’s Cancer Institute in September so we had to support her. It’s something she wants to do for Phoebe.”

Last weekend, Molly ran 42km in five hours and 59 minutes, which Mrs Bremner said was a good test of how she’ll cope with the September marathon.

She well and truly showed them she’s ready. 

Inspiring one-legged high jumper leaps over bar

“When she does her normal 21km run now, it’s like a stroll in the park for her and it takes her two hours and 45 minutes,” Mrs Bremner said.

“She doesn’t get out of breath and talks to me the whole time. I still run with her during the week but I slow her down, so I ride my bike alongside her and will do that to Canberra.

“My husband, Chris, will also be nearby with his car if we need it.”

Molly's Run media_cameraMolly’s mum, Angela, rides a bike to keep up on her runs. Picture: David Caird

As a small eater, they are working with a sports dietitian* to ensure Molly has all the fuel she needs on her marathon which begins on September 10 and ends at Parliament House on September 26.

Molly’s elder sister Lucy, 12, is also sporty as a former elite* gymnast but she is now diving with Diving Victoria.

“Lucy is also very fit and healthy but she’s not a runner,” Mrs Bremner said.

“We’re a family who loves the outdoors and being active.”


  • curtailed: restricted
  • dietitian: expert on food and nutrition
  • elite: top level


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  1. How far does Molly run each day?
  2. How far does she run on weekends?
  3. Which city does she plan to run to in September?
  4. What is she raising money for?
  5. How does her mum keep up on Molly’s runs?


1. Ambitious goals
Molly has set a very ambitious goal to raise money for a very important cause. If you were to try something like this:

  1. What would your ambitious goal be?
  2. What would it raise money or awareness for and why is this cause important to you?
  3. What actions would you take to prepare yourself so you have the best chance of successfully achieving your goal?

Time: allow 20 minutes to complete this activity
Curriculum Links: English; Personal and Social Capability

2. Extension
Answer these mathematics questions related to the news story. First you will need to find the relevant information in the article, then complete the calculations.

  1. What is the distance of 1 lap around Molly’s block?
  2. How long (on average) does it take Molly to run 1km on her usual 21km weekend run?
  3. When Molly recently ran 42km, did she run faster or slower (on average) than her usual 21km runs?

Time: allow 15 minutes to complete this activity 
Curriculum Links: English; Mathematics

Marathon Molly
Mrs Bremner said that as soon as Molly started walking, she only had one speed, which was full speed.

Create five questions for Molly (or another young sports person) about their achievements.

Don’t forget to end your questions with a question mark.

HAVE YOUR SAY: How would you like to raise money for an important cause?
No one-word answers. Use full sentences to explain your thinking. No comments will be published until approved by editors.

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