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Justin Langer named Australian cricket coach and vows to rebuild respect after cheating scandal

Russell Gould, May 3, 2018 7:10PM Herald Sun

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Justin Langer has been named as the new coach of the Australian men’s cricket team in all forms of the game. Picture: Getty Images media_cameraJustin Langer has been named as the new coach of the Australian men’s cricket team in all forms of the game. Picture: Getty Images


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New national cricket coach Justin Langer yesterday said he would forgive the three banned Australian cricketers found guilty of ball tampering* and welcome them back to the team when they have served their time out.

Langer, who was announced as coach yesterday, is confident his team can regain the respect of the cricketing world and move on from the cheating event.

Langer will coach Australia in all three forms of the game: Test, one-day international and Twenty20. He replaces Darren Lehmann, who resigned over the ball-tampering scandal in South Africa in March.

Justin Langer Named New Head Coach Of The Australian Men's Cricket Team media_cameraNew national cricket coach Justin Langer explains how he will restore respect for Australian cricket as Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland watches on. Picture: Getty Images

Former Australian captain Steve Smith, vice-captain David Warner and Cameron Bancroft were all banned for their part in the ball tampering when sandpaper was used to damage the cricket ball to make it harder for the South Africans to score runs.

Langer talked a lot about respect when he discussed his new job yesterday.

He is a former Australian Test opening batsman and has been Western Australian cricket’s coach for six years. He was known for his courage and decisions to help others ahead of himself as much as his runs.

Aust's Justin Langer celebrates after winning the 3rd Ashes test and the Ashes at the WACA, Dec. 18, 2006 : AP PicRob/Griffith - sport cricket australian flag flags wicket stump victory celebrations media_cameraJustin Langer celebrates after Australia won the Ashes series against England at the WACA in Perth in 2006. Picture: Rob Griffith

“It’s really important that we keep looking to earn back respect, to me respect is worth more than all the gold in the world,” he said.

“Another really important foundation* in West Australian cricket over the last six year is that we look to encourage great cricketers but great people. If we can encourage great cricketers and great Australians … starting from day one, I think that’s a really important foundation for us.

“It’s not just about how we play our cricket.”

Many sports fans wondered if Smith, Warner and Bancroft would ever play for Australia again.

But Langer said there was no reason why, after they all “got better” in certain areas, they couldn’t play in a team he coaches.

“One thing I know, the key values for me, is learning from the past,” he said.

“We’ll learn from what’s happened.

“They are great kids and why it was such a surprise they made the mistake they did. But they are great kids … we have all made mistakes, we can all get better at things.

“If we can keep mentoring* and helping them … and they want to meet the standards of the Australian cricket team, then of course they’d be welcomed back.”

COMPOSITE IMAGE - Cameron Bancroft, Steve Smith and David Warner. TOPSHOT - Cricketer Steve Smith reacts at a press conference at the airport in Sydney on March 29, 2018, after returning from South Africa.  Distraught Australian cricketer Steve Smith on March 29 accepted full responsibility for a ball-tampering scandal that has shaken the sport, saying he was devastated by his "big mistake". / AFP PHOTO / PETER PARKS / -- IMAGE RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - STRICTLY NO COMMERCIAL USE -- media_cameraCricketers Cameron Bancroft, Steve Smith and David Warner all react to being found guilty of ball tampering recently. Composite picture: AFP

Langer’s team plays in a one-day tour of England next month.

Most people expected Langer would be chosen as Australian coach.

Chief executive James Sutherland said Langer was the ideal man to get Australian cricket back on the rails*.

“We firmly* believe Justin is the right person to lead this team and we have huge confidence in what he will bring to this role.

“Justin’s work ethic*, leadership and values are among his strongest attributes* — and he is widely respected across the global* cricket community.”


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tampering: changing

foundation: base, important things that come first

mentoring: guiding, teaching

rails: tracks

firmly: really

ethic: system of things you believe in

attributes: features

global: world



1. Read the article carefully. List at least 10 of the most important points or information that are in the article.

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Extension: Write a job advertisement for coach of the Australian Cricket Team. Don’t forget to include the skills and personal qualities that you think would make a great choice for this job at the moment.

Time: Allow 25 minutes

Curriculum Links: Health and Physical Education, Personal and Social Capability

2. List all of the things that Justin Langer says about respect. Do you agree with him? Write sentences explaining your opinion and examples that make it more convincing.

Time: Allow 20 minutes

Curriculum Links: English, Personal and Social Capability

Extension: Many sports, jobs or other activities have a Code of Conduct. This is a set of rules and guidelines for behaviour. Create a Code of Conduct for any athlete representing Australia. Try to cover as many important things that you can think of.

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Think of a topic. For example: A Bush Fire

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