Glenn Maxwell records fastest World Cup century in history as Australia beats the Netherlands

Australian batsman Glenn Maxwell has stunned the world with a rapid-fire record-breaking century at the World Cup as Australia thrashed the Netherlands

Australia's Glenn Maxwell plays a shot during the World Cup match. Picture: AFP
Australia's Glenn Maxwell plays a shot during the World Cup match. Picture: AFP


Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell has smashed the record for the fastest World Cup century*, needing just 40 balls to score 101 against the Netherlands.

Maxwell beat his own record of scoring a century off 51 balls and South African Aiden Markram’s World Cup record of 49 balls set earlier in this World Cup.

“That is simply outrageous,” sports commentator Shane Watson said as Maxwell helped take Australia from 4/266 at the end of the 39th over to 6/389 to start the 50th over. That’s 127 runs in just 10 overs.

“A complete and utter barrage*,” said Watson.

Maxwell, who now has the fastest century by an Australian in one-day international matches, finished his innings in the final over with his score on 106 from just 44 balls. He hit nine fours and eight sixes to reach his total.

Australia's Glenn Maxwell scored the fastest World Cup century. Picture: Arun Sankar/AFP
Australia's Glenn Maxwell scored the fastest World Cup century. Picture: Arun Sankar/AFP

He won the player-of-the-match award and the Aussies recorded a 309-run victory — which is the largest winning margin* in World Cup history.

Maxwell said it had been “close to the perfect game” before admitting he’d been “feeling pretty crook* all day” and had considered not batting.

He said he was happy to play a part in Australia’s third “really good win in a row” at the World Cup.

Maxwell’s century wasn’t the only record broken during Australia’s innings.

Australian opening batsman David Warner scored his sixth World Cup century and set a new Australian record for number of centuries scored at a World Cup, beating Ricky Ponting’s five.

No cricketer in history has scored more World Cup runs at a higher run average than Warner (63.04).

David Warner celebrates his sixth World Cup century. Picture: Getty Images
David Warner celebrates his sixth World Cup century. Picture: Getty Images

Aussie spinner Adam Zampa bowled 4/8 and climbed to the top of the tournament’s wicket leaderboard. He will start the next game on a hat-trick* after taking two wickets in his final two balls.

Unfortunately for Dutch bowler Bas de Leede, he also set a World Cup record for most runs by a bowler giving away a staggering 115 runs from his 10 overs

Australia will compete against New Zealand on Saturday. The New Zealanders have so far only lost one game to India in the tournament*.

Glenn Maxwell smashes World Cup record



  • century: when a batter scores 100 runs or more in a single innings
  • barrage: lots and lots of runs in a short time
  • margin: an amount by which something is won
  • crook: unwell
  • hat-trick: when a bowler takes three wickets in three consecutive balls
  • skipper: captain
  • tournament: a sporting contest where each team takes turns playing against one another

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4. How many games in a row has Australia won in this year’s World Cup?
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1. Create a logo
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2. Extension
How do you think the Australian Cricket team has been able to come back from their shock defeat by South Africa to win the past three matches in a row?

Write a list of strategies that you think would have given the team the motivation to bounce back and win.

Time: allow at least 15 minutes to complete this activity
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