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Dylan Alcott dominates men’s quad wheelchair singles in Paris final

NCA NewsWire, June 10, 2021 6:30PM NCA NewsWire

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Australia’s Dylan Alcott (right) poses with runner up Sam Schroder of the Netherlands after the men’s quad wheelchair final of the 2021 French Open at Roland Garros on June 07, 2021 in Paris, France. Picture: Julian Finney/Getty Images. media_cameraAustralia’s Dylan Alcott (right) poses with runner up Sam Schroder of the Netherlands after the men’s quad wheelchair final of the 2021 French Open at Roland Garros on June 07, 2021 in Paris, France. Picture: Julian Finney/Getty Images.


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Australian Dylan Alcott continues to dominate the men’s quad wheelchair singles circuit, taking out his third consecutive French Open title.

The victory was Alcott’s 13th career Grand Slam, after defeating 21-year-old Dutchman Sam Schroder 6-4 6-2, in a repeat of this year’s Australian Open final.

Alcott, 30, fell back 3-1 in the opening set before storming to a straight-sets win.

A long way from the Melbourne lockdown, Alcott paid tribute* to his home town. He also declared* this latest win special, given current world circumstances.

“It’s been really hard for everyone all around the world … to my loved ones in Melbourne, I hope you are OK,” Alcott said.

2021 French Open - Day Nine media_cameraDylan Alcott kisses the winner’s trophy following victory in the quad wheelchair men’s singles final against Sam Schroder. Picture: Getty Images

Alcott said that he doesn’t know how much longer he has left at the top of the game.

“To Roland-Garros*, thanks for supporting us, thanks for having court tennis here,” he said.

“I don’t know how many more I’ve got left in me, so every time I come on this court I feel really blessed to be here.”

At just 30, Dylan is a seasoned veteran. His impressive stats as one of Australia’s most successful athletes speak for themselves.

A wheelchair basketball gold medallist at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, Alcott realised his dream of winning a second Paralympic gold medal in another sport when he switched to tennis and he and quad doubles partner Heath Davidson won at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

The following day, Alcott won a second gold medal, beating Great Britain’s Andy Lapthorne in straight sets to claim the quad singles crown.

In 2016, Dylan became the first paraplegic athlete to be awarded Tennis Australia’s prestigious Newcombe Medal.

In June and July 2020, he became the first quad singles player to win the French Open and Wimbledon. Next stop: the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

2021 French Open - Day Nine media_cameraDylan Alcott lifts the winner’s trophy following his victory at the French Open. Picture: Getty Images


French Open (clay)
Australian Open (hard)

French Open (clay)
Australian Open (hard)

Wimbledon, UK (grass)
French Open (clay)
Australian Open (hard)

US Open (hard)
Australian Open (hard)

Australian Open (hard)

Australian Open (hard)

US Open (hard)
Australian Open (hard)


Alcott has twice been denied the US Open title by the UK’s Andy Lapthorne, first in 2019 and again in 2020. But in 2019 Alcott beat Lapthorne 6-0, 6-2 on his home turf: Wimbledon.

2021 French Open - Day Nine media_cameraDylan Alcott during the French Open quad wheelchair men’s singles match against Sam Schroder of the Netherlands. Picture: Getty Images


Past Paralympic Games
Rio 2016, London 2012, Beijing 2008

Physical impairment*
Paraplegia*, nerve damage

Started competing

First competed for Australia

Sport career highlights
Winning the 2015 Australian Open quad singles title in front of a home crowd

Greatest sporting moments
Winning a gold medal in wheelchair basketball at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games

Heroes/role models
Six-time Paralympian, female wheelchair tennis champion Daniela ‘Danni’ Di Toro
Australia’s former world No. 1 Patrick Rafter, who won back-to-back US Open titles in 1997 and 1998.

Favourite quote
“You’ve got to buy a ticket to win the raffle”

Star power
Alcott had to make extra room in a crowded trophy cabinet when he became the first Paralympian to score a coveted Silver Logie at Australia’s top TV awards. He won the Most Popular New Talent gong in 2019 for the ABC series The Set

Source: Paralympics Australia

2021 French Open - Day Nine media_cameraPicture: Getty Images


  • tribute: act, statement of gift to show gratitude, respect or admiration
  • declared: openly said, announced with emphasis or feeling
  • Roland Garros: the French Open tournament and stadium are named after the French aviator Roland Garros.
  • impairment: compromised function of a body part
  • paraplegia: paralysis of the legs and lower body, typically caused by spinal injury or disease.
  • acquired: received


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  1. How many French Open titles has Dylan Alcott won?
  2. How many grand slam titles in total has he won?
  3. Alcott won Paralympic gold in which sport before switching to tennis?
  4. Which Australian city is Alcott’s home town?
  5. Who did he beat to win this latest French Open title?


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