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Aussie John Millman stuns Roger Federer at US Open and sets up clash with Djokovic

Staff writers, September 5, 2018 7:34AM Kids News

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Roger Federer congratulates John Millman after their match. Picture: AFP media_cameraRoger Federer congratulates John Millman after their match. Picture: AFP


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TENNIS: In one of the greatest upsets in US Open history John Millman from Brisbane yesterday impressed the world with his fourth-round upset win over 20-times grand slam champion Roger Federer.

In a life-changing performance, Millman left Federer — and fans — at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York stunned with a 3-6 7-5 7-6 (9-7) 7-6 (7-3) comeback victory to book a quarter-final date with another of tennis’s all-time greats, Novak Djokovic.

And Millman thinks he can beat him, too.

“Why not?” Millman said. “I’ll have to improve a lot on the last time I played him. He’s an incredible player. I think he’s in some really good form right now, too.”

Yesterday, Millman sent Federer, the world No.2, crashing to his earliest grand slam defeat in almost four years.

“I’m probably in a little bit of disbelief*,” Millman said.

“I have so much respect for Roger and everything he’s done for the game. He’s been a hero of mine and today he was definitely not at his best, but I’ll take it.”

Federer admitted he was beaten up by Millman on court and battered from the brutal* New York heat.

“I was just happy that the match was over,” Federer said. “It was very hot … there was no circulation* at all. I don’t know, for some reason I just struggled in the conditions. It’s one of the first times it’s happened to me.

“But John was able to deal with it better. He maybe comes from one of the most humid* places on earth, Brisbane. I knew I was in for a tough one.”

Federer suspects Djokovic might also be in for a tough match tomorrow morning (Thursday).

“I think against Novak, he just has to bring it again, try to worry Novak, hope for another hot day, maybe.”

Luke Dahlhaus of the Bulldogs. Picture: Getty Images media_cameraLuke Dahlhaus of the Bulldogs. Picture: Getty Images

AFL: Luke Dahlhaus has decided to leave the Western Bulldogs, informing the club last night he wanted to depart the club and exercise his free agency rights.

Dahlhaus is expected to choose to join Geelong on a long-term deal.

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The skipper has been sidelined for the past three games, and with their season on the line against the Broncos at Suncorp Stadium he has been rushed back into the No.6 jersey.


disbelief: hard to believe

brutal: harsh or unpleasant

circulation: flow of fresh air

humid: muggy and hot

sidelined: forced to sit out matches


1. How did growing up in Brisbane help John Millman defeat Roger Federer?

2. Which club is Bulldogs player Luke Dahlhaus likely to play for in 2019?

3. Gareth Widdop is suffering an injury to which part of his body?


With a partner see if you can you identify all the doing words/verbs in this text? Highlight them in yellow and then make a list of them all down your page. Now see if you and your partner can come up with a synonym for the chosen verb- make sure it still makes the context it was taken from.

Try and see if you can replace some of the original verbs with your synonyms and discuss if any are better and why.

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HAVE YOUR SAY: Do you believe John Millman can go on to defeat Novak Djokovic in the quarter final?

No one-word answers. Use full sentences to explain your thinking.

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