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Auskicker Jaguar is game for big Grand Final role

Kamahl Cogdon, June 8, 2021 6:30PM Kids News

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Jaguar Bogert, 6, was named Auskicker of the Week in round eight and will present a premiership medal to a player from the winning team on Grand Final Day. Picture: AFL Photos media_cameraJaguar Bogert, 6, was named Auskicker of the Week in round eight and will present a premiership medal to a player from the winning team on Grand Final Day. Picture: AFL Photos


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Pint sized footy fan Jaguar Bogert has a big job on AFL Grand Final Day.

Jaguar, 6, is one of 22 kids who will present premiership medals to the players of this year’s winning team.

How did he get such an important job and how does he feel about it?

Jaguar, who does Auskick in Carlton, Victoria, decided to send in a video to the AFL showing why he should be named the Auskicker of the Year.

In the video, the Prep student shows off the skills he is honing* at Auskick, including a right foot snap, left foot drop punt, a mark and bounces.

“I should be the Auskicker of the Year because I love footy more than any other Auskicker,” he says in the video.

Watch Jaguar’s video

Auskicker Jaguar Bogert

Thanks to his video, Jaguar was chosen as the Auskicker of the Week for round eight and got to play on the MCG during the halftime break in the match between Geelong and Richmond.

“I kicked three goals and one point when I was on a hard corner,” the young Essendon fan said of his debut* at the MCG.

As an Auskicker of the Week, Jaguar will not only present a premiership medal but will also play at halftime on Grand Final Day, as well as attend the Grand Final Parade the day before.

“I would love it if Essendon could play in the Grand Final and I could give the medal to one of the Essendon players,” he said.

“But I will say ‘good game’ to whoever the player is.”

AFL Grand Final media_cameraAn Auskicker presents Tigers star Dustin Martin with his premiership medal after Richmond’s victory in the 2020 AFL Grand Final. Picture: Michael Klein

Jaguar is also in the running* to be named the overall Auskicker of the Year, a title that comes with a $5000 prize.

Jaguar’s dad, Steven, said Jaguar wanted to donate the money to his school, Brunswick North Primary, to buy a set of goalposts if he won.

“On his first day of school when he came home the first thing he said was ‘Dad, there are no goalposts at my school’,” Mr Bogert said.

As well as the $5000 NAB Reward Saver Account, the Auskicker of the Year also wins Geelong Football Club captain Joel Selwood and AFLW Richmond captain Katie Brennan as their personal footy mentors* in 2022.

Joel Selwood and Katie Brennan for Kids News media_cameraGeelong captain Joel Selwood and Richmond AFLW captain Katie Brennan will be footy mentors to the Auskicker of the Year.

It could be the first step towards an AFL career for Jaguar, who is a natural right foot but is already working on improving his left side kicks and handballs.

“I would like to be an Essendon Football Club player when I grow up,” he said.

“I will need to practise a lot, practice my left a lot and practice bananas* a lot because I’m not very good at bananas.”

media_cameraAuskicker Jaguar Bogert, 6, practises a handball. Picture: AFL Photos

The AFL has given the honour* of presenting the premiership medals to Auskickers for the past 12 years.

With 11 rounds of the AFL season remaining, the AFL is looking for more Auskickers who demonstrate the spirit of the game – dedication, enthusiasm, teamwork and passion.

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  • honing: improving or perfecting something over time
  • debut: first performance
  • in the running: a chance
  • mentors: someone who helps and guides
  • banana: a type of kick that is used for a shot at goal from a tight angle
  • honour: a special role that someone is proud to do


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  1. How many kids will present premiership medals on Grand Final Day?
  2. In which round was Jaguar named Auskicker of the Week?
  3. Which team does Jaguar support?
  4. What does Jaguar want to do with the $5000 if he wins Auskicker of the Year?
  5. Which two footballers will be mentors to the Auskicker of the year?


1. Big Winner
If you, like Jaguar, were in the running to win $5000 for winning the Auskicker of the Year competition, what would you do with the money? Jaguar would like to donate to his school, would you like to donate it to a charity, help somebody or use it for yourself or your family?

Detail how you would spend the $5000 prize.

Time: allow 15 minutes to complete this activity
Curriculum Links: English, Mathematics, Personal and social

2. Extension
If you or someone you know are between 5-12 years of age, and are registered in the Auskick program, you may like to make a video and enter the NAB Auskicker of the Year competition. Make a one minute video demonstrating your skills and saying why you should be the Auskicker of Year. You can enter online at

Time: allow 25 minutes to complete this activity
Curriculum Links: English, Digital Technologies

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If you want to become a co-host, you need to add an extra letter convincing the producers to select you, pointing out that your talents are models for other children.

Remember to be really confident when sharing your talents. Make a big deal out of them and be proud of what you can do.

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