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Mark Knight cartoon on temporary ceasefire in Israel war

Ceasefire on a wing and a prayer

Battered and bruised though the dove appears, the international symbol of peace holds firm to the olive branch and tries to builds a bridge between Israel and Palestine in Mark Knight’s cartoon

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Mark Knight cartoon on Albo heading off to APEC

Albo out as detention gates open

It was a tough choice between home and away for PM Anthony Albanese this week as the release of 80 long-term detainees from detention coincided with a seat at the APEC summit in the US

TOPSHOT - This photo taken on November 13, 2023 shows a crack cutting across the main road in Grindavik, southwestern Iceland following earthquakes. The southwestern town of Grindavik -- home to around 4,000 people -- was evacuated in the early hours of November 11 after magma shifting under the Earth's crust caused hundreds of earthquakes in what experts warned could be a precursor to a volcanic eruption.  The seismic activity damaged roads and buildings in the town situated 40 kilometres (25 miles) southwest of the capital Reykjavik, an AFP journalist saw. (Photo by Kjartan TORBJOERNSSON / AFP) / Iceland OUT

Eruption watch as Iceland waits

The threat of an imminent volcanic eruption has Iceland on edge days after evacuations began and a state of emergency was declared as more smoke seeps from giant cracks in empty streets

The galleon San Jose

Heave ho for ‘Holy Grail’ shipwreck

A shipwreck with the largest amount of treasure ever lost at sea will soon be dragged up to the surface after sitting at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea for the last three centuries

Mark Knight cartoon for Herald Sun, October 31, 2023

Pen mightier than sword in conflict

As war in Israel and Gaza sadly rages, cartoonist Mark Knight’s depiction of former Australian PMs’ call to calm reminds the nation of the most powerful, precious asset we have: peace

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AI ART created with Midjourney // Pictured: Chris Hemsworth as Shrek

‘AI’ named 2023 Word of the Year

‘AI’ named Word of the Year by Collins Dictionary as Kids News joins ‘the dominant conversation of 2023’ with an AI experiment transforming stars and politicians into a Halloween Hall of Fame

Archaeologist Jaime Oliveira, from the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (Iphan), shows ancient rock engravings that reappeared in the region of the Lajes Archaeological Site due to the severe drought affecting the region's rivers on the banks of the Negro River in Manaus, Amazonas State, northern Brazil, on October 21, 2023. The last time the engravings could be seen was during the great drought of 2010. (Photo by Michael Dantas / AFP)

Drought surfaces Amazon’s secrets

Previously hidden underwater, rock carvings up to 2000 years old have emerged as the Amazon River drops to the lowest level ever recorded as the drought affects 481,000 people in Brazil

KIDS NEWS 2023: Mark Knight Albo speed dating cartoon in 4:3

Albo on diplomatic dating circuit

Anthony Albanese has limited time to impress in talks with US President Joe Biden and China’s President Xi Jinping, as Mark Knight’s cartoon sets the scene – and the pace – as a dating game

Thylacine, which is the subject of a "de-extinction" project with the University of Melbourne and Colossal Biosciences.

Supplied: Colossal

Tassie Tiger comeback on track

Tasmania’s famous thylacines could be back from extinction by 2028, according to the project team, but not all wildlife experts think resurrecting and releasing the species is such a good idea

VEGEMITE celebrating 100 years will launch the highly anticipated “Happy Little Vegemites Remake” ad. Vegemite kid Ava 10 is one of the kids who feature in the new ad.     Picture: David Caird

Happy 100th Birthday, Vegemite!

Happy little Vegemites have extra spring while they spread as Australia’s unofficial national spread clocks a century, with fans including retired tennis ace and new mum Ash Barty