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Australia's biggest dog Baron

Australia’s biggest dog helping kids read


At 130kg and 2m tall, Baron is a very big dog. But he’s also a very big softie, patiently helping kids learn to read and visiting elderly people in his therapy-dog job

Girl watching the stars. Stars are digital illustration.

What is a leap year? Why is there one this year?


There is a February 29 on this year’s calendar. We explain why and what it has to do with the Sun, the Earth and a calendar created way back in 1582

Mark Knight cartoon on bin night.

It’s peak-hour traffic to put the bins out


In his weekly series, award-winning cartoonist Mark Knight looks at how waste management has become a major issue in Australia and why it’s soon to create peak-hour traffic on bin night

Kids News' Prime Minister's Spelling Bee opens today

Prime Minister’s Spelling Bee entries now open

spelling bee

Teachers can now sign up students for the inaugural 2020 Prime Minister’s Spelling Bee with great prizes on offer for the nation’s top young spellers