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Recycling Kit

Recycling education kit sales


Teach students why it’s important to be part of the waste solution rather than the problem. Recycling kit includes 25-activity classroom workbook for $20.

Why we need to talk about waste and recycling


PART ONE: There’s a lot of waste around, but it’s important to understand whether that’s a problem. We look at why we need to reduce waste and why recycling is a big part of the solution

The 3 Rs are the key to reducing waste.

Learn the three Rs for a simple waste solution


PART TWO: Helping keep the earth clean is as easy as learning the three Rs ... reduce, reuse and recycle. That way you’ll do your bit for the environment and you’ll save money, too


Australian recycling — then and now


PART THREE: Australia has a long history of recycling and we’re very good at putting things in the recycling bin, but there is plenty more we can do to be even better

Recyclables from the bin back to you brand new


PART FOUR: Putting recyclables into a big bin and watching a recycling truck drive away isn’t the end of it. Follow your recycling from the bin to back out into the market as a new item

Comparing Australian recycling to the rest of the world

Kids Teaching Kids Conference

PART FIVE: Being the best recycling country in the world is a great goal to aim for. Australia has plenty to be proud of, but there’s still lots we can improve

You can be a great recycler

The South Melbourne Market banned straws from December 1, 2018. Arabella, 7, Hugo, 7, and Charley, 6, support the ban. Picture: Penny Stephens

PART SIX: Follow our guide on how to be a good recycler to make sure nothing you throw out ends up in landfill or the ocean. You’re on your way to being a fantastic recycler

Close the recycling loop: buy it back


PART SEVEN: Being a good recycler is about more than putting everything you can into the recycling bin. To be a really good recycler, choose products made out of recycled materials

Your big ideas on recycling could save the world

Man with planet earth in hands

PART EIGHT: The world needs big, new ideas to recycle the waste created by the 7.53 billion people on earth. Here are some wonderful waste ideas for the future