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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 04: Australia Post is launching a ground breaking campaign for new collectable coinsrepresenting 26 classic Aussie icons from A-Z which will be released progressively each week from Monday 30 September to Monday October 21. These photographs will accompany the release of different coins throughout the campaign and will support various PR activities on September 04, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Daniel Pockett/Getty Images)

Hunt for $1 coins with pies, footy and boomerangs


The biggest release of $1 coins will feature 26 Australian animals, food and cultural items including meat pies, didgeridoos, Weet-Bix and thongs. Can you find them all in the Great Aussie Coin Hunt?

Cost of Electricity

How long do Aussie banknotes last?


What is the lifespan of Australian banknotes? Like most things, our polymer money has a use-by date and the answers for how long each note lasts might surprise you

The Royal Australian Mint's top secret coin

Secret code hidden in new 50 cent coin


The Royal Australian Mint has made history after releasing the first Australian coin featuring a secret code. The new 50 cent coin has been launched to mark the 70th anniversary of ASIO


Holey moley! Australia’s first minted coins on show

A holey dollar and a dump from a 1788 Charles III Spanish silver dollar from a Private Collection in Queensland. Photos: Supplied.

Colonial Australia’s first minted coins — the holey dollar and the dump — have gone on show at the Royal Australian Mint. The coins were made by destroying Spanish currency to create our own

Moon landing remembered on rare 50c coin

Fifty years since Moon landing celebrated with Royal Australian Mint’s first dome-shaped coloured nickel plated coin.

The Royal Australian Mint has released a special coin series to celebrate 50 years since Neil Armstrong took “one giant leap for mankind” onto the surface of the moon on July 20, 1969

Australia’s world-record big gold coin on show in US


The largest coin ever created, with a denomination of $1 million and worth about $60 million, travelled from its home in Australia to take centre stage for one day at the New York Stock Exchange

Modern ways to learn the value of pocket money


76 per cent of parents still give physical cash and coins to kids as pocket money but in today’s digital age it’s important to teach them new ways to manage and understand money

$242m deal makes Ben our richest sport star

Philadelphia 76ers v Indiana Pacers

NBA superstar Ben Simmons has sealed the richest deal ever for an Australian athlete after signing a five-year contract with the Philadelphia 76ers that will pay him up to $55 million a year

Ancient coins that could rewrite Australian history


Tiny copper coins up to 1000 years old found on a remote beach on an Australian island could add a new chapter to the story of our European history

Millions of $50 notes have spelling mistake

Pictured is a current circulation $50 note printed with the word "responsibility" spelt incorrectly in Sydney, Thursday, May 9, 2019. (AAP Image/Dylan Coker) NO ARCHIVING

The Reserve Bank of Australia has confirmed it accidentally printed 400 million $50 notes with an embarrassing spelling mistake.

What is cryptocurrency and how does it work?

Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum

Bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherium are three examples of cryptocurrencies being used to buy goods online. We explain what cryptocurrency is, how it works and if it is here to stay

New 50c coin is unique in any language

International Year of Indigenous Languages commemorated with new coins launched by Royal Australian Mint and AIATSIS.

A new 50c coin has been released in Australia and it features a historic design element never seen before to highlight the uniqueness of our country and our cultural heritage

History of the cheque just went hi-tech

Writing Cheque

Paying for things by cheque has been possible for hundreds of years, but now technology is changing the way they are handled by banks and customers. PLUS: History of the cheque

Kids, it’s time to start your own business


Young entrepreneur Taj Pabari believes all schoolchildren should start their own business so they can learn the financial skills they’ll need later in life

National treasure hunt for special $1 coins

The Royal Australian Mint has launched a treasure hunt involving the $1 coin.

It’s a competition like Willy Wonka’s golden tickets ... the Royal Australian Mint has hidden special $1 coins in our currency to celebrate the coin’s 35th birthday. Can you find one?

Coins celebrate true spirit of the Anzacs

Anzac Spirit Coins Collection

As the world prepares to mark 100 years since the end of World War I next month, Australians are invited to collect special coins that celebrate the true spirit of the Anzacs

How Aussie coins are made

Inside The Vault by Peter Rees : Horst Hahne's palster cast for the $2 coin . The Royal Australian Mint Collection : Photo by Steve Keough.

Australian circulating coins are made at the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra. It takes much longer to make a coin than it does to spend one. PLUS: Check out our Money page

How to make your money grow

Australian cash growing by putting it into a superannuation fund. Picture: iStock.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, meaning it will run out if you are not careful. But learning good savings habits early on in life can ensure your cash continues to grow

Good at maths equals good with money

Pink piggy bank with glasses standing on books next to a blackboard with simple retirement formula. Sharp focus on the piggy bank.

Maths and money go hand in hand. Westpac research shows almost all adults believe learning maths is important in helping Aussies be smarter with their money

Kids should work for pocket money

Pictures to accompany Scott Pape Q and A. Picture: Supplied

Most Australian kids are not lifting a finger around the house to earn their pocket money, but BareFoot Investor Scott Pape says this has to stop or they’ll never learn how to save

Learning the three Ss of money

Close up of piggy bank sitting on a kitchen table. Cash and coins are on the table. A mother is talking with her son about saving money in the background.

To be good with money, you first need to learn the three Ss — save, spend and share — and why each is important

How does the Australian dollar get its value?

Australian one dollar coin over blurred golden background.

The value of the Australian dollar goes up and down on a daily basis. We look at the reasons why and how it affects what you buy

Keeping up with the ways we use money

Kiddie debit cards

Technology is changing the movement of money so it’s important for education to keep up so kids can make informed choices

Setting goals the ideal way to save money

Little girl with Australian 20 dollar notes money cash

Setting goals and visualising the special something you are saving money for can help you quickly reach your goal

New $50 note rich in features

Australia has a new $50 note.

A Sydney teenager’s campaign for banknotes identifiable by vision-impaired people has resulted in a new $50 note featuring raised bumps

Coins to show older Queen

**EMBARGOED UNTIL MONDAY SEPTEMBER 3, 2018. Images of the first Australian coins to bear the new portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II is 92 years old, yet some people believe she shouldn’t be ageing on Australian coins. What do you think of the new design?

Treasure trove of 5600 historic coins unearthed

Money, Coins, Treasure chest, Pirates, Gold

A treasure trove of 5600 historic Australian coins — including silver florins and others from the 1800s — has been uncovered on a construction site

Kids need money, not tap and go

Kids and cash

Internet banking, ATMs and 'tap and go' payments are making it harder for kids to learn about money. Real cash and pocket money are important. Do you ever use notes and coins?

Mint releases Invictus $2 coin

Invictus Game: Day 2

Prince Harry’s Olympics for wounded warriors is coming to Australia and the Royal Australian mint has made a special $2 coin to celebrate