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Learning at Home is offering free daily school-day education tasks and fun activities to help parents and children who want to learn at home during the coronavirus disruption.

The activities have been tailored into four categories for students in Prep to Grade 2; Years 3-4; Years 5-6; and Years 7-9 to allow for age-based learning.

The resource has been created by teachers and is linked to the National Curriculum.

Monday, April 6

Go on an alphabet scavenger hunt!

Find the hidden alphabet letters in your house, plus acting out fun scenes. Lesson plan PDF to come.

Create your own origami shooting stars

Make Easter biscuits, plus see how far your origami shooting stars can fly. Lesson plan PDF to come.

Launch a ping pong ball into the sky

Build a device to launch a ping pong ball, plus learn a numbers magic trick. Lesson plan PDF to come.

What makes a good leader?

Understanding good leadership, plus discover the lost city of Pompeii. Lesson plan PDF to come.

Friday, April 3

Create a monster or fantastic creature with your drawing buddy and learn how to collect data.

Move your body with fun dance sessions, plus can you solve the logic puzzles?

Create amazing comic book word art, plus discover how plants survive.

Discover if you learn best by seeing, listening or reading, plus recognising the good things in life.

Thursday, April 2

Bring wild animals to life in 3D inside your house plus card wars.

Learn how to type without looking at the keyboard, plus make up a fun, new game.

Film and narrate a family wildlife documentary, plus build a backyard obstacle course

Learn how our Indigenous people describe the seasons, plus take the 15-minute drawing challenge.

Wed, April 1

Discover what makes items float and sink, plus going on a bear hunt.

Explore the animals at San Diego zoo, plus take the 30-day Lego challenge.

Create a map to find the pirate's treasure, plus life during the Gold Rush.

Understanding paralanguage, plus making a maths video.

Tuesday, march 31

Understand the geography of Australia, measure your house and create mosaics.

Make music with your body, create cool poetry and make a backyard fitness circuit.

Learn how the Earth rotates and how tsunamis are formed, plus create Batik art.

Solve the mystery of the disappearance of Year 7A, plus understanding human rights.

Monday, March 30

Learn how to bounce back from difficult times, plus balancing games and taste tests.

Join elite netballers for sessions including yoga, cooking, fitness and how to stay positive.

Create an improved robot to dig on the Moon, start a diary and move to the groove.

Creative ideas on why Mondays should be banned, plus forming hypotheses.

Friday, March 27

Create a jingle to encourage your family to stay at home, plus create an ad to sell a toy.

Can you find all the items on the neighbourhood treasure hunt? Plus meaningful letter writing.

Discover prisms around your home and design them, plus creating artistic 3D sculptures.

In worrying times, learning to be grateful for what you have can be a powerful tool.

Thursday, March 26

Study how your face has changed over time from a baby to now, plus leraning days of the week.

Telling and understanding the time teaches us about day and night, plus a newspaper treasure hunt.

Build a scale model to understand the distance between the sun and each of the planets, plus healthy food choices.

Trying to understand how other people are feeling, plus take the crazy writing challenge.

Wed, March 25

Get creative and design a new toy you can play with, plus play a fun dice game.

Discover how a gratitude flower can help you focus on what's good in life. Plus let's go shopping!

Experiment with autumn leaves and art and learn about texture, plus learn about the Gold Rush.

Wander through New York's amazing MoMA museum and describe what you see, plus how to celebrate Anzac Day this year.

Tuesday, March 24

Hunt for squares, circles and triangles in your home plus making funny, mixed-up sentences.

Learn how soap works with this fun experiment, plus play balloon tennis and create a word cloud.

Build a 30cm bridge that is strong enough to hold a can of food, plus put on a percussion performance for your family.

Can you build a steady tower out of the things you can find at home? Plus creating a storyboard and dealing with data.

Monday, March 23

Discover the science behind how round objects move plus  dice wars to learn maths and reading comprehension.

Pick a number of the day and crunch it! Plus a scientific egg drop challenge

Study interesting facts about volcanoes, plus create pop art and complete a fitness circuit.

Learn how to code plus discover the importance of a new family routine in these times.