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Kids News school visit helps to inspire news reporters of the future

Staff writers, September 18, 2019 6:35PM Kids News

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Sara Rogozinski from Derinya Primary School with her winning entry. media_cameraSara Rogozinski from Derinya Primary School with her winning entry.


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Kids News visited a group of students at Derinya Primary School in Frankston South in Victoria to talk about how news works and listen to their views on how they use in the classroom.

As part of the visit, Kids News encouraged the students to learn to analyse the news and recognise the different types of news such as general news stories, sports stories, opinion pieces, cartoons, features and lifestyle writing.

They also learned how to identify fake news, how the media has evolved with technology and how deadlines are still an important part of the news cycle.

When the Grade 5 students expressed an interest in journalism and news writing, Kids News encouraged them to write a news report on the school visit, with the winning entry to be published on our site.

Here it is:

WINNING ENTRY: Sara Rogozinski, Grade 5

Toni Hetherington is a journalist and editor that has published in world wide situations, including the Twin Tower plane crash in America and the London Olympics.

She used to work for the Herald Sun company and now works for Kids News. She mentioned that she enjoys writing news about sport. She is a very smart lady that has been very successful at her job, early since she was 18 years old.

On Thursday the 2nd of May Toni came to Derinya Primary School, located in Frankston South, Victoria. She came to talk about her profession and what it’s like to be working at high standards like her.

She taught us the large amount of things you can do as a journalist or editor, either it’s writing stories or travelling around the world.

Editors have a large amount of writing they have to do according to the information Toni gave us. She gave us very interesting information.

“I was very inspired, so I joined the school newspaper team,” said student Leilani TB after the visit.

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