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Fight over what’s right with fairy bread

Leah Goulis, September 9, 2020 6:30PM

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How do you have your fairy bread? There’s much disagreement in the community. media_cameraHow do you have your fairy bread? There’s much disagreement in the community.

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Fairy bread is an Aussie party icon — a simple, old-fashioned treat that helps make a table of party food look good and feel fun.

But the fun went out of one partier’s day after they proudly shared a picture of their creation online.

A Reddit* user (u/Pokemaniacgaming) posted the picture of their fairy bread set-up with the caption “fine dining”. The fairy bread was a whole slice of bread with the crusts still on.

The picture that sparked a big debate about how fairy bread is supposed to look. Picture: Reddit media_cameraThe picture that sparked a debate about how fairy bread is supposed to look. Picture: Reddit

The photo attracted criticism from people who insisted fairy bread should always be served with the crusts cut off and then sectioned into four small triangles.

“Triangles! This needs to be triangles,” one outraged online commenter wrote. “I was trying to figure out why this looked so wrong to me. I just weirdly can’t imagine it tasting right if it’s not in triangle form.”

“Even Squares would be acceptable … If you are going to halve it at least have the common courtesy* and decency* to cut it diagonally,” another commented.

Shapes aside, others were getting heated up* about leaving the crust on fairy bread.

“What monster made you eat them with the crusts on?” one questioned.

Others weren’t so bothered about the crusts, suggesting fairy bread is easier to handle with the harder outer layer remaining.

“When they are in triangles the crust acts as a support so the bread doesn’t flop and spill excess sprinkles everywhere. You don’t have to eat them, but they make a convenient handle for moving them about,” one commented.

Chill - fairy bread, buttered white bread covered in sprinkles. media_cameraFairy bread in half-slice triangles, which provides a handle to pick them up with.

While the crusts versus triangles people were stuck in their debate, others had strong opinions about the bread/sprinkle ratio.

“Did you run low on 100s and 1000s? They need to go right to the edges!!!” one person pointed out.

“100s&1000s density in the centre is also a little too high, hold the shaker at a higher altitude* for more even coverage,” another said.

And another agreed, also highlighting an easier method to ensure the whole bread is covered in sprinkles.

“What about the edge of the bread? Butter the bread and press into a plate of hundreds and thousands rather than sprinkle.”


  • Reddit: internet site where people share news and opinions
  • common courtesy: basic manners
  • decency: behaviour that is seen by most people as decent
  • heated up: emotional
  • altitude: height


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  1. What is this story about?
  2. How did the fairy bread look in the original photo?
  3. What is the crust useful for when eating?
  4. What’s the suggestion for how to get more coverage of 100s & 1000s?
  5. How do you make fairy bread?


1. Which Side Are You On?
What do you think about today’s story? Is there a right way and a wrong way to make fairy bread? Write a piece of persuasive writing explaining your opinions on this issue. Make your writing convincing by giving examples that back up your points.

Time: allow 15 minutes to complete this activity
Curriculum Links: English

2. Extension
Create a recipe for new and fun party food using bread and two other ingredients. Don’t make a boring sandwich – it has to be a real treat! Give your recipe a fun and catchy name, too.

Time: allow at least 20 minutes to complete this activity
Curriculum Links: English, Design and Technologies

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