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Extra, extra! Pick up a Kids News mini newspaper and complete your Coles Little Shop collection

Patrick Tadros, August 29, 2019 6:00PM Kids News

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Taylor Krieger, 8, and Atticus Jenkins, 4, with the mini Kids News newspaper. media_cameraTaylor Krieger, 8, and Atticus Jenkins, 4, with the mini Kids News newspaper.

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Ever wished that Kids News was a real newspaper that you could read at home?

This weekend you can have your wish come true when Kids News is turned into a limited-edition* mini collectable at any Coles supermarket.

The 12-page mini newspaper contains news stories and fun facts on topics including flying cars and new planets to why onions make you cry and the highest motorbike backflip ever recorded.

Coles Mini Newspaper Giveaway in Weekend Papers media_cameraThe limited-edition Kids News mini newspaper available with the purchase of a newspaper as part of the Coles Little Shop 2 campaign.

Also featured are some of Coles’ Little Shop 2 app characters like Happy the marching band leader and Chuck the chippy tradie who are based on popular grocery items Vegemite and Coles Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Mum Leanne Bradley had a sneak peek at the mini newspaper and said she was excited because it will encourage kids of all ages to learn new things.

“The mini newspaper is a great way for kids to improve and expand their reading and writing vocabulary*,” she said.

“It might be tiny, but it’s packed with useful information.”

To receive the Kids News mini newspaper on either Saturday or Sunday, shoppers simply need to buy a News Corp masthead (Herald Sun in Victoria, Adelaide Advertiser in South Australia, The Mercury in Tasmania, The Daily Telegraph in NSW, The Courier Mail in Queensland or a range of regional titles).

A limit of one bonus newspaper mini applies per newspaper purchased, with a maximum of five bonus newspaper minis per transaction*. Excludes Coles Online and Coles Express.


  • limited edition: rare and only available for a short time
  • vocabulary: list of words used in a language
  • transaction: buying or selling something


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