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Dayleni wins Australia’s best kids’ newsreader with her magical report on a unicorn discovery

Toni Hetherington, August 29, 2019 6:33PM Kids News

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Dayleni Drike Sanchez in the newsreader’s chair on the Studio 10 set yesterday. Picture: Richard Dobson media_cameraDayleni Drike Sanchez in the newsreader’s chair on the Studio 10 set yesterday. Picture: Richard Dobson

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The search for Australia’s best kids’ newsreader is over — it’s Dayleni Drike Sanchez.

The 8-year-old student from Merrylands in NSW was today announced as the winner of the Kids News and Studio 10 newsreader competition on Channel 10’s morning show Studio 10.

Dayleni’s entry impressed the judges with her unique news item about her favourite animal, the unicorn, and the engaging*, animated* way in which she delivered the news.

Australia's Best Kids Newsreader media_cameraStudio 10 co-host Sarah Harris shows Dayleni Drike Sanchez the TV studio. Picture: Richard Dobson

Dayleni, who watches little TV and prefers to read a book or create her own stories, said: “I am super excited and I can’t believe that I won.

“I really like following the news because it is super informative*.”

Dayleni said she is not sure if she will become a newsreader when she’s older.

VIDEO: Watch Dayleni’s winning newsreader entry

Australia's Best Kids' Newsreader

Network 10 executive producer Tamara Simoneau said Dayleni’s video was a standout.

“We were so impressed with the effort all our little newshounds went to record their own mini bulletins. In the end, it was hard to go past Dayleni’s natural talent in front of the camera. Her personality shone through, and we’re sure she’ll have a bright future ahead in TV news if that’s a path she chooses to follow.”

Dayleni’s prize was to appear on the Studio 10 TV show this morning and to help Channel 10’s Natarsha Belling read the morning news live on air.

VIDEO: Watch Dayleni read the news on Studio 10

Australia's best kids' newsreader (Studio 10)


  • engaging: draws interest
  • animated: lively with lots of personality
  • informative: full of information


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