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Write a letter of support and hope to conjoined twins Nima and Dawa ahead their separation surgery

Toni Hetherington and Donna Coutts, November 1, 2018 1:51PM Kids News

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Nima and Dawa relaxing on the floor. Picture: Alex Coppel media_cameraNima and Dawa relaxing on the floor. Picture: Alex Coppel


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* Please note the letters talked about in this story have now been delivered to the twins and their mum. We are not accepting any more letters.

Conjoined twins Nima and Dawa are continuing to build their strength ahead of life-changing surgery to separate their bodies.

The sisters are receiving around-the-clock medical treatment in the comfort of the Children First Foundation’s retreat at Kilmore in central Victoria to overcome an illness before the operation in coming weeks.

The 14-month-old girls are joined at the skin across their lower chest and tummies. Doctors believe the sisters also share a bowel (part of the intestines, which absorbs most of the nutrients from what we eat and drink) and liver (which breaks down fat in our body and filters the blood) that can both be safely split.

Importantly, they appear to have their own hearts and lungs.

This video includes an interview with the doctor who looked after the girls in Bhutan and travelled with them to Australia to help them prepare for their operation

Nima and Dawa are enjoying being surrounded by the Victorian bushland, which is very different from their home in Bhutan in the Himalayan mountains.

Their mother Bhumchu Zangmo said via a translator: “If the operation is not happening, it is better to be out here with more open air, nice trees and it is not suffocating. In this region it is much more peaceful and isolated than at home. In my village it is more crowded. This is beautiful.

“The girls are more happy here, they have all this space to play. In hospital it is just a ­single bed.”

Mum Bhumchu with Nima and Dawa with visiting Bhutanese paediatric surgeon Dr Karma Sherub. Picture: Alex Coppel media_cameraMum Bhumchu with Nima and Dawa with visiting Bhutanese paediatric surgeon Dr Karma Sherub. Picture: Alex Coppel

All Bhutanese twins are called Nima and Dawa: the first born is named Nima, after the sun which rises first, and the second Dawa, after the later-rising moon.


Kids News is inviting children to write letters of support and hope to Nima and Dawa ahead of their operation.

Kids News will hand-deliver the letters to the twins’ mother so she can read your messages and share them with the sisters.

You can either use the letter template attached HERE or write your own version.

Make sure your letter contains your first name, age and where you live.

Perhaps your letter could include:

* Your best wishes for their speedy recovery;

* A short and happy story that you think will make Nima and Dawa and their mum smile;

* Something you think visitors from overseas would like to know about Australia, such as a fact or two about your favourite Australian native animal or your favourite place or thing to do in Australia;

Draw something that you think will make Nima and Dawa happy and smile when they see your letter.

NOTE: Ask an adult to photograph your letter. Email it to by Friday, November 2 to be included in the delivery to the twins’ mum.



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