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Mobile phone ban at all public schools

Victoria bans student phones at schools

safe kids

Students at all Victorian government schools will be banned from using or carrying phones from first to last bell from next year in an attempt to reduce distraction and cyber bullying

Aldinga junior footballer plays with stumps after having feet amputated

Amputee footballer having a ‘red-hot crack’


Feet might seem essential to play footy, but a double amputation before his first birthday couldn’t keep 11-year-old Jett out of the team or off the field

World First Burns Treatment

Australian man’s world-first skin transplant


South Australian burns survivor Glenn Ogg owes his renewed life to a world-first skin transplant technique developed in Adelaide that involves “farming” new skin from his own skin


Weird ways tech could be changing our skeletons

Teenager boy outdoors using mobile phone

Modern life could be causing big changes to our bodies. Not all the possible changes are desirable and some of them are alarming, from spiky skull growths to narrower elbows

All you need to know about hair

Two smiling chimpanzees sitting on a tree with arms crossed

The longest arm hair ever recorded was 21.7cm, but that’s not the norm. Though human head hair keeps growing, human body hair doesn’t. We look at how and why there’s a difference

How to become your own snot detective


Winter is here and that means a lot of noticeable snot being sneezed, blown and dripped from noses all around us. We look at what snot is and what it can tell us about our health

World Environment Day: reasons to care about air

Heavy Smog Hits East China

This year’s World Environment Day theme is air pollution, which is causing ill health and shortening the lives of millions. There are simple things we can all do to help clean up our air

Feed Appeal to help hungry Australians

Croydon Hills PS Makes Sandwitches

More than four million ordinary Australians couldn’t afford to feed themselves or their families at some point last year so Kids News is stepping up to help launch the Feed Appeal

Video game addiction officially a disease

Gamer boy

A small number of people are developing a big problem with gaming. The World Health Organisation has just officially declared this addiction to games a disease

Remarkable traffic jam atop Mount Everest


An incredible photo of climbers queuing to reach the summit of Mount Everest has drawn attention to the crowded and dangerous conditions on the world’s highest mountain

Australian teen inventor stars in YouTube Story


YouTube has chosen an Australian teenage inventor to feature in a special documentary about her work and her potentially lifesaving creation and now the whole world is watching

How and why do onions make us cry?


There are thousands of so-called solutions for crying over onions, from wearing goggles to sucking a spoon. Do any work? How and why do onions make us teary?

Superheroes here to save you from your fears

Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation's SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE.

Spider-Man and Ant-man to the rescue! Scientists have discovered that watching superhero movies could help cure people of their phobias of spiders and ants

Harry cooks up good idea with his classmates


Harry Chase and his classmates have cooked up a good idea to help his school raise much needed funding in the middle of a tough drought

Scurvy making a comeback due to poor diets


A serious but easily preventable disease we associate with sailors on long voyages hundreds of years ago is making people sick in modern-day Australia

Big Ben runner has bad time at end of marathon

Lukas Bates
just for fun

After running 42km in a massive costume, one athlete couldn’t fit under the finish line to the London marathon. Watch the funny video of the end of the race

3D printer making recycled plastic fantastic

This is one of the prosthetic hands that will be 3D printed using waste plastic.

An Australian hairdresser is turning plastic shampoo bottles into 3D-printed prosthetic limbs, helping repurpose waste and giving a hand to those who need one

What is chocolate and is it good for you?

Delicious chocolate Easter bunny, eggs and sweets on rustic backgroundDelicious chocolate Easter bunny and eggs on rustic background
just for fun

Almost everyone is mad about chocolate and not just at Easter. Ahead of the annual chocolate feast, we set out to answer some of the most asked questions about this special treat

Mind-control brain implant trials to begin

Generic image of human brain at work. Picture: Thinkstock

An Australian hospital has approved a world-first human trial of a brain implant to help people with advanced diseases of the nervous system communicate via mind control

Beware of wild mushrooms

NEWS: Toadstools

Autumn weather means more mushrooms and other fungi growing in the wild, but as it’s almost impossible to tell which ones are deadly, avoid them all to stay safe

Daylight saving on way out

Daylight Saving

As Australians in four states grope around in the darkness of the last daylight saving mornings of the season, Europe has voted to cancel this clock-changing practice

Compulsive phone use affects wellbeing

Parents Monitoring Kids

Port Adelaide AFL players are putting away their phones and a new study has found we might all feel better about ourselves if we follow their lead

Australian ‘outback air’ for sale

Selling Canned Air to China

Canned air from a remote, secret location in South Australia is for sale to anyone who wants to pay $24 for 10 minutes of breathing free of pollution

Aussie vaccine a step closer to erasing malaria

SUNDAY MAIL ONLY : Malaria Vaccine Project. Malaria Vaccine

A world-first malaria vaccine made in Australia will be clinically* tested on humans in the hope it can erase the deadly disease and save millions of lives

Why do we need sleep?

happy kid girl waking up in the morning in her bedroom with dog in bed

Scientists know that we need sleep to survive but until now they didn’t know why. New research suggests it’s all to do with keeping up essential repairs

Twins Nima and Dawa flying home to Bhutan

Bhutan Twins Nima and Dawa

Formerly conjoined twins Nima and Dawa Pelden are flying home to Bhutan today after their successful surgery in Australia to allow them to live separate lives

Superhero night vision for humans

Humans could one day have a superpower like X-men, Spiderman or Batman

Like Spider-Man and Batman, humans could one day have the power to see in the dark after scientists successfully tried their idea on mice

Australia’s record heat

SCORCHER: It's going to get hot in Mackay over the weekend, with a heatwave expected for the region.

It’s been a blistering start to autumn with another heatwave across three states, just as we get through what has officially been the hottest summer on record

Tiny baby boy goes home

A baby boy weighing 268 grams when born in August 2018, the hospital claims is the smallest baby to survive and be sent home healthy, is seen five days after his birth in Tokyo, Japan, in this undated handout photo released by Keio University School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics and obtained Reuters on February 27, 2019. Mandatory credit Keio University School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics/Handout via Reuters

The world’s smallest baby boy has gone home from hospital, six months after being born weighing only 268g, one-thirteenth the weight of an average Australian baby

Five stars for fruit and vegies


Australians need fruit and vegetables to have a five-star label to encourage us to eat more of them, according to a review of the Health Star Rating system

Scientists discover cure for fear

Little boy afraid hiding behind his bed sheets and screaming

Australian researchers have discovered how to change parts of our DNA to help us switch off extreme fears and switch on more positive memories

Young people need to turn down the music

Young people around the world are risking deafness by listening to loud noise through headphones.

More than 1 billion young people around the world are risking deafness by listening to loud noise through headphones, prompting the UN to issue international safe-volume standards

Why is our blood red?

hand in protective glove holding a blood sample

Ever wondered why blood is always red? Kids News explains why this important liquid pumping through humans is always red but why, through white skin, it sometimes looks blue

Apple’s iSheet invention for a better night’s sleep

Tranquil scene of a woman sleeping on cloud

The technology company that brought us the iPhone has a new invention that watches us as we sleep, helping keep us healthy but not, Apple promises, invading our privacy

Doctors swallow Lego heads in name of science

Tambov, Russian Federation - July 24, 2016: Two Lego minifigures - one scared and one happy. Blue background. Studio shot.

Six Australian doctors have swallowed Lego heads to understand how long it takes to pass through the human digestive system

Mozzie bite breakthrough

A mosquito feeding on an unlucky person’s finger.Source:News Corp Australia

Scientists in Queensland have helped discover a gene that makes some people more likely to be bitten by a mosquito than others, bringing us a big step closer to knowing why

Nima and Dawa’s separation surgery a success

Bhutanese Twins dishcharged from hospital

UPDATE: Twins Nima and Dawa left hospital yesterday after their successful separation surgery at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital earlier this month

Teens given stern tan danger warning

Tanning danger - LAuriston Girls School

Skin cancer doctors are alarmed that many teenagers incorrectly believe that getting a tan is healthy. As summer approaches, it’s time to remember why we should all slip, slop, slap

Human brain and memory enhancement possible soon

Human Internal Organic - Brain.

Researchers are already working on changing, improving and rewriting humans’ memories, which means they also have to find ways to keep our brains safe from hackers

Letters cheer up twins ahead of surgery

Conjoined Twins

Doctors will perform separation surgery on conjoined twins Nima and Dawa on Friday. Their spirits were lifted when they received hundreds of letters of support from Kids News readers

Push to scrap compulsory helmets

Children learning to drive a bicycle on a driveway outside.

Many cyclists now believe bike helmet laws should be relaxed to allow riding without a helmet on footpaths and bike trails. Do you agree? Or should we keep wearing helmets everywhere we ride?

Technology causing drop in hand strength

Team of surgeons operating on patient in hospital

Young people aren’t spending enough time playing with toys and at craft activities to develop their hand dexterity. Do you think technology is reducing the time you spend using your hands?

Write to conjoined twins Nima and Dawa

Nima and Dawa

Kids News is inviting you to write a letter of support and hope to conjoined twins Nima and Dawa ahead of their surgery. We will deliver the letters to the twins’ mum to keep and show the girls

World’s most disgusting foods on show

Vic Cherikoff, director of Bush Tucker Supply Australia with Witjuti (Witchetty) grubs, sold in Asia, Europe and the US. Food / Grub

Do you think Vegemite is disgusting? The Australian favourite is one of the displays at an international museum specially for disgusting foods. 

Vaccinations eliminate rubella from Australia


The World Health Organisation has declared Australia free from the contagious viral disease rubella, which health officials has claimed as a win for the argument for vaccination

Kids need to learn cooking skills

Teens Can't Boil an Egg

Many Australian teenagers can’t do anything more complicated in the kitchen than pour milk on cereal. Nutritionists say a lack of food skills could have a negative impact on their health

Human poo study finds microplastics

Discarded plastic bag on a tropical coral reef

Waste plastic has been found in human poo. Scientists can’t be sure how it got there or if it’s dangerous, but most people agree they’d rather not eat plastic. What can you do to help?

Aussie medical invention will save lives

EMBARGO - EXCLUSIVE NETWORK CONTENT NO NEWS.COM, NO SKY, NO PERTH, NO AUSTRALIAN MeTro - A highly elastic and adhesive surgical glue that quickly seals wounds without the need for common staples or sutures could transform how surgeries are performed.

A revolutionary “wound glue” that could save lives on the battlefield, revolutionise surgery and help reduce scarring is ready to be tested on people

Australian paddles to icy world record

Dan Bull on his world record 2.5km kyak of a lake at 5707m on Ojos del Salado on the border of Chile and Argentina in March 2018.

Australian climber Dan Bull has a second world record to his name after trekking 5707m up a mountain to a frozen lake to complete the highest kayak on earth

Mega kitchen to make millions of meals


Australians waste food to the value of $20 billion a year, yet millions of people go hungry. A new mega kitchen will help solve both big problems

Doctors to separate conjoined twins

Supplied Conjoined twins. Picture: Alex Coppel/Herald Sun

Australian doctors at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital are preparing to separate conjoined twins Nima and Dawa in a life-changing operation

Insects crawling on to Australian menus


Insects are the latest food trend popping up on Australian plates as diners and chefs embrace the health and sustainability benefits of creepy crawlies

Kids building helping hands

Supplied Editorial

Students are setting aside Lego and picking up the makings of prosthetic hands in a program that helps those in need overseas. What would you make if you were an engineer?

Strawberries contamination

Strawberry punnets are seen at a supermarket in Sydney, Thursday, September 13, 2018. (AAP Image/Erik Anderson) NO ARCHIVING

Australia’s strawberry contamination scare is putting the businesses and jobs of many people at risk. Growers ask the public to keep buying strawberries, but to be careful

Damage soft drink can do to your body

Study Links Ultra Processed Foods To Cancer

An Australian study shows just how dangerous two cans of soft drink a day can be for your body. Does this make you reconsider what you drink?

What is a hiccup?

Closeup portrait unsure hesitant anxious woman biting her fingernails isolated on gray wall background. Negative human emotions feeling

Hiccups happen to us all, causing no more than perhaps a few minutes’ embarrassment. But what are they? And can you “cure” yourself? Kids News explains

How to create healthy children

Twin study

The similarities between twins are often what we notice, but researchers are studying their differences as a way of finding out how to create healthy children

Man runs for 36 years, 6 days

Quentin Valentine - Runner
just for fun

It started as a bet with mates that he won in the first three years, but this determined man kept on running for another 33 years. Could you do that?

Humans on quest to live forever

dr who series 10

Humans don’t live forever, but many want to, so scientists are in a race against time to slow ageing and invent ways to regenerate, just like the Doctor in Doctor Who

Planting the seeds for a happy, healthy life


Growing vegetables in a garden can help plant the seeds for a happy, healthy life for kids. Now your school has the chance to win equipment to grow your own veggie patch

Kangaroo-to-human tendon test

Alex Johnson of the Swans is seen after sustaining an injury during the Round 21 AFL match between the Melbourne Demons and the Sydney Swans at the MCG in Melbourne, Sunday, August 12, 2018. (AAP Image/Julian Smith) NO ARCHIVING, EDITORIAL USE ONLY

Kangaroos are amazingly athletic animals. Soon humans could benefit from some of that bounce with trials to begin on transplanting kangaroo tendon into human joints

Eat school lunch to help cut food waste

Food Waste

Woolworths stores have launched new Discovery Tours to help children learn about food waste and how to reduce it as well as encouraging kids to love fruit and vegetables

Learning to love fruit and vegetables

Child with carrot. Girl with vegetables in garden

Woolworths has launched new educational Discovery Tours aimed at helping children learn to love fruit and vegetables and find healthy foods they enjoy

Scientist Marie Curie is top of list

File photo dated 1925 of scientist Professor Marie Curie working in her laboratory at the University of Paris. P/L

If you’ve ever had an X-ray, you’ve benefited from the work of scientist Marie Curie, voted the most influential woman in history

Denim jeans to repair knee joints

Deakin Institute for Frontier Materials researcher Dr Nolene Byrne with the with a sample of the denim-based aerogel. Picture: Donna Squire/ Supplied

In an incredible medical breakthrough, Australian scientists have found a way to repair knee joints with jeans, also helping to solve a big environmental problem

We are losing the war against superbugs

Superbug Danger

A new medical study finds we are losing the war against superbugs as they become resistant to alcohol-based hand sanitisers now common in hospitals

Good friends saved her from bullies

safe kids

This is one woman’s brave story of her experience looking different to many other people. You may find it upsetting to read but it provides insight into what it’s like being teased and bullied

Junk food ban needed for school canteens

health school tuck shops - Ivanhoe East Primary School

Junk food can cause health problems, learning difficulties and even change the way children’s brains develop, nutritionists warn as they push for an overhaul of school tuck shops

Danger! You’re not using enough sunscreen

Mother putting sunscreen on young son at the beach

Scientists find sun lovers are risking skin cancer because they don’t use enough sunscreen for proper protection. So how much is enough?

Screen time can be green time

Young woman on mountain top text messaging on mobile phone

Research tells us we love technology and it’s nature that makes us feed good, but you don’t have to choose one or the other. How could you use your screen time in nature?

What’s in your bottled water?

ABC's War on Waste tested water

ABC TV’s War on Waste compared tap and bottled water and the results may surprise some who think they’re buying a healthier, higher-quality drink. 

Plan to check students’ height, weight to fight obesity


Australian schoolchildren would have their height and weight checked as part of a radical plan to tackle the worsening obesity crisis. Do you think that’s a good idea?

Push for smoke-free Australia

Ashtray bulging with cigarettes

A cigarette-free Victoria should be achievable in just eight years, according to health groups who have a big plan to make it happen. How would you convince Australians to quit?

Plan for compulsory PE at school


The Australian government wants every child to do sport and PE at school because research shows it could help you be healthier and learn better. Do you agree it should be compulsory?

Avoid illness: wash reusable bags

Aspergillus fumigatus

Single-use plastic bags are on their way out. But we need to remember to keep our reusable shopping bags clean, or risk serious illness

Being bored is good for you

Bored Kids

Boredom can open kids up to creativity, according to parenting experts. Have you ever thought up something really cool because you’ve had time to be bored?

Why it’s hard to resist hot chips

Easter Show 2014

Wanting to eat hot chips is part of humans’ ancient survival skills. Our brains just haven’t caught up on the news that there are chips everywhere!

A, B and O missing from signs


The letters A, B and O will disappear from signs across Australia to call for blood donations as part of World Blood Donor Day. What can you do to help?

World-first bionic eye ready to see

Daily Telegraph

An amazing new Australian bionic-eye invention looks set to change the lives of millions of blind people around the world

Apple acts to stop iPhone addicts

Milan, Italy - October 17, 2013: Close up of the home page of new Apple iphone 5 with the new IOS 7 os. The iphone 5 is the new smartphone made by Apple Inc. It was released on September 21st 2012, the iPhone 5 is Apple's first mobile phone with a 4"

Apple has launched a new tool to stop children and adults spending too much time on their phones and becoming addicted

Thorpe to lead AIS mental health program

Swimmer Ian Thorpe with the three gold medals he won at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, pictured near Sydney Harbour, tens years on from the Sydney Olympics.

Some of Australia’s elite athletes need more help to stay mentally fit and cope with life after sport. The AIS will begin a new program aimed to provide the support they need

Food waste to become 100 million meals

Mix vegetables on rustic background.

Coles supermarkets will greatly cut the amount of food waste going to landfill to make 100 million meals for the hungry

Toboggan-run fun banned to “maximise safety”

Tim and Martin Jiany of Melbourne have fun on a toboggan. MT BULLER TO OPEN 5 LIFTS THIS WEEKEND – 20CMS OF FRESH SNOW AND MORE FALLING More lifts will open this weekend thanks to significant snowfall overnight and extensive snowmaking in operation. ABOM Chairlift is expected to turn this afternoon and Buller Ski Lifts operational plan is for five lifts - Blue Bullet, Bourke Street carpet, Skyline, The Fox and ABOM - to all be rolling tomorrow, Saturday 25 June, for the opening of the school holidays. More lifts are anticipated to come in next week thanks to the wintery conditions
safe kids

Snow trips can be expensive. One of the cheapest things to do is to have some fun on a toboggan run. The activity is now banned at one Australian ski resort. Is this sensible or silly?

Calling all cat blood donors


Does your cat or a pet you know qualify to donate blood? A new cat blood bank shines a light on the importance of pets donating blood

Call for salad and water to replace cola and fries


Water, salad and fruit should be served with children’s fast food meals instead of fizzy drinks and fries, obesity researchers say

Call to block phones in cars to cut road toll


Government report predicts texting and selfies will cause road death numbers to rise. A national safety organisation says the only way to stop phone use is to block mobile signals in every car

Walk the path to health

Walk Safely to School

Join the millions of kids walking safely to school this Friday. Every little bit of exercise helps keep you happy and healthy.

Here’s how to be happy

Smiling girl in goggles falling back into a swimming pool

A new world study finds kids are happiest when they’re spending time with their family, friends and pets. Is that what makes you happy too?

Celebrations for 90-year-old lifesaver

Supplied Editorial RFDS mag: aircraft

Next time you look at a $20 note you’ll see John Flynn. He set up the Royal Flying Doctor Service, which helps save a life every two minutes.

World’s oldest person dies aged 117

This picture received from Kikaicho Town Hall via Jiji Press and taken on September 18, 2017 shows 117-year-old Nabi Tajima (2nd L) in Kikaicho on Kikai island of Kagoshima prefecture. A 117-year-old Japanese woman, thought to be the world's oldest person, has died, a local official told AFP on April 22, 2018. Nabi Tajima, who was born August 4, 1900, died around 8:00 pm (1100 GMT) on April 21 at a hospital on her native Kikai Island in Kagoshima region, according to Susumu Yoshiyuki, a health and welfare official. / AFP PHOTO / KIKAI TOWN VIA JIJI PRESS / JIJI PRESS / Japan OUT

Japan's Nabi Tajima, the world’s oldest person, has died at the grand age of 117. But she’s not the only Japanese person living longer than most — take a look at the reasons why

Study to unlock mysteries of stuttering

Pride of Australia

Australians are being urged to join a study hoping to unlock the mysteries of stuttering. The Voice winner Harrison Craig is one of the first to sign up. He tells us why.

Brisbane flu both dangerous and saving lives


A type of flu that started in Brisbane has been ruled one of the world’s most dangerous strains — and now doctors are using it to help fight the bug this year

Hannah builds bionic hand on holidays

Bionic hand girl

Year 8 student Hannah Black builds a working bionic hand as a holiday project.

VR helps cure fear of flying

How going on a virtual flight can help people overcome their fear of flying ...

An Adelaide doctor is using virtual reality to help patients overcome their fear of flying.

Rotten truth about kids and their teeth

Kids teeth

Poll finds many kids have rotten teeth and don’t brush enough — but their parents are a big part of the problem

Call to ban lollies at checkouts


Call to ban lollies and soft drinks at supermarket checkouts to help fight obesity.

What AFL players of 2050 will look like

Swans Training

Scientists have predicted AFL footballers of the future could be stronger and faster with their bodies designed in the lab. And guess which famous athlete they believe the players will look like?

Seed vault could one day feed the world

PREMIUM CONTENT - EMBARGOED FOR NEWS 360 STORY - NOT TO BE PUBLISHED BEFORE MARCH 3, 2018 Longyearbyen, Svalbard - The Svalbard Global Seed Vault marked its 10th anniversary on Monday the 26th Jan 2018. NordGen managing director, Lise Lykke Steffensen handles beans. Pic Ella Pellegrini

The Doomsday Vault near the North Pole is holding more than a million seeds to help feed the world in case we run out of food after a natural or man-made disaster

Giant funnel web spider now a lifesaver

Colossus the funnel web spider 2

Meet Colossus — the giant and deadly funnel web spider handed in to an animal sanctuary. He will now help make anti-venom to save human lives

Don eats his 30,000th Big Mac

Don Gorske bites into the 18,000th Big Mac he has eaten at the Fond du lac High School in Fond du Lac, Wisconcin 06/11/2001. Gorske began his culinary obsession 17/05/1972 and is also fed by his obsessive compulsive disorder.

UPDATE: Don Gorske has eaten two Big Macs every day for 46 years. Now the record holder has just eaten his 30,000th burger. And he won’t stop there.