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Melbourne mum is world’s fastest

Catherine Lambert, February 2, 2017 6:00PM Herald Sun

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MELBOURNE mum of five Rachelle Splatt is making a career comeback*.

Splatt, 47, was the first woman in the world to break the record by drag racing at 300mph (482kmh) in 1996 and still holds that record in Australia but plans to smash it some time soon.

“It feels great to be back behind the wheel again and I don’t feel like I’m out of my league at all,” Ms Splatt said.

Rachelle Splatt 20 years ago, just a few months after she drove at the world-record speed of 482kmh. Picture: supplied media_cameraRachelle Splatt 20 years ago, just a few months after she drove at the world-record speed of 482kmh. Picture: supplied

“It doesn’t feel like it’s been 10 years since my last race and great to now be able to include my kids.”

She decided to concentrate on caring for her family including children Kayla, 18, Jayden, 16, Dylan, 12, Jesse, 6, and Jaxon, 1, when she stopped racing 10 years ago.

She recently raced in Sydney for the first time and is now preparing to race in Brisbane in April. The drag cars she races are not part of the Melbourne racing circuit.

It is a huge commitment with a team of 16 people working on her car, including her mechanic husband Wayne Lusk, and at a cost of $500,00. Sponsorship* from OVO Mobile has helped.

“There’s a lot more involved than just jumping in the car and racing,” she said.

Rachelle Splatt driving her drag racing car in 1997. Picture: supplied media_cameraRachelle Splatt driving her drag racing car in 1997. Picture: supplied

But when it comes to driving her kids to school or shopping in Eden Park, she is happy to drive the family car which is a Chrysler Voyager. It also doubles as the tow car for the race car.

“For me, the racetrack is the racetrack and the road is the road,” she said.

“I may look ahead when I’m driving on the road but that’s about the only similarity. If anything, I’m overly safe when I’m driving my kids around.”


comeback: coming back to something after a break

sponsorship: an organisation or person gives money to help cover someone’s costs






Activity 1: The craziest job ever!

Being a drag racer is an unusual job.

What’s the most unusual job you can think of? Think of a crazy or unusual job and write a job advertisement for it. (It does not have to be a real job, so use your imagination!)

Hint: find job ads in the classified section of the Herald Sun to show you how to write one.

Time: allow about 30 minutes to complete this task

Curriculum links: English , Critical and Creative Thinking

Extension: Imagine that you want to apply for the job in your ad. Write an application letter for the job. Include a resume, which is a list of your experience and education.

Time: allow approximately 30 minutes

Curriculum Links: English, Critical and Creative Thinking

Activity 2: Back in the driver’s seat

Do you know what drag racing is? Find out about this sport.

You have read in the story that Rachelle is going back to drag racing after a 10-year break. Using the things you have learned about drag racing, create a training program that you think will help Rachelle become a top drag racer again!

Include physical skills and things that you think will help her driving and racing.

You should plan one week of activities, one for each day.

Time: allow about 45 minutes to complete this task

Curriculum links: Health and Physical Education, Critical and Creative Thinking

Extension: What qualities make a good driver? Write a list of the different skills you would need to be a good

i. Motorsport driver

ii. Everyday driver.

List each skill in the order – most important first.

TIME ALLOWED approximately 30 minutes


HEalth and Physical Education

Critical and Creative Thinking

VCOP Activity

(Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation)

Activity 1: Vroom Vroom Vocab

Drag racing is just one type of racing around the world. Can you come up with a list of different things that race? Eg: Cars, Horses etc.

Once you have a list, create a mind map of the different vocabulary words you can think of to describe each type of race or the equipment or things that race.

Eg: Car = Fast, shiny, sleek, loud, rusty

Time: allow at least 10 minutes to complete the task

Curriculum Links: English, Big Write, VCOP

Activity provided by Andrell Education


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