How to order your Gold Rush education kit including 25-activity classroom workbook

The discovery of gold in Australia began one of the most significant periods in our history. This kit explores the history of the Gold Rush and its impact on our nation both then and now

Gold! Imagine finding this on your shovel.
Gold! Imagine finding this on your shovel.

READING LEVEL: GREEN is proud to present this educational learning kit on the Gold Rush.

Artwork for Gold Rush kits at $20 price point
Artwork for Gold Rush kits at $20 price point

As gold fever hit, it brought with it great wealth, an exploding population, new transport, roads and other infrastructure, new businesses and a multicultural society.

Understanding the impact of the Gold Rush on life back then – and the long-term benefits it has had centuries later – is the central focus of the Kids News digital teaching resource: Gold Rush.

This in-depth kit covers topics including the overall history of the Gold Rush, life as a miner, jobs of the goldfields, family and home life, the Eureka Stockade and the legacy of the Gold Rush.

On purchase, teachers receive a downloadable PDF workbook suitable for Years 3 to 8 that includes 25 activities to help you meet your curriculum needs in History, Visual Art, English, Health and Physical Education, Civics and Citizenship, Geography, Design and Technologies and Intercultural Capabilities.

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Our free classroom literacy resource will feature accompanying news stories and educational features on the Gold Rush from August 13 to enhance the learning experience and assist with completion of the workbooks. To see all the stories, click HERE

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