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Giving not only benefits those on the receiving end. Let’s learn how charity and generosity can make the world a better place with our new Giving Education Kit

Women hold money jar with coins on wood table , Saving for Donation Concept

Why giving is good

PART 1: Have you heard the saying that it is better to give than receive? It’s true in so many ways. Find out why we all win when we give

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Bec Daniher with a traditional donation tin and a BladePay mobile payment device ready for Fight MND donations outside the MCG on Wednesday, June 7, 2017, in Jolimont, Victoria, Australia. Picture: Hamish Blair

Giving in the digital era

PART 9: You can still drop a handful of coins or notes in an old fashioned donation tin but charities are increasingly going digital to raise funds

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How to spot a charity scam

PART 10: It’s great to support worthy causes but we need to make sure our donations get where they’re supposed to go. Learn how to protect yourself from a scam