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Australia is off to the polls. Let’s learn more about how and why we have federal elections

A man puts his voting paper in the ballot box for the Australian Federal Election in Melbourne on July 2, 2016. Australia is voting in a general election which is expected to be a close race between the ruling Liberal-National coalition and the opposition Labor Party. / AFP PHOTO / Paul Crock

Australia is off to the polls


PART 1: It’s time for a federal election. Learn about why we have elections and what they achieve

Manifold Heights Primary School are among the polling booth venues hosting a Democracy Sausage event tomorrow. Pictured are school captains Koji Stanton-Lawrence and Maliha Blake. Picture: Alison Wynd

Enrol, vote and eat a democracy sausage!


PART 2: Get ready for election day, when Australians exercise their right to vote and politicians eat sausages in bread


Step inside the houses of federal parliament

Morning at the Parliament House Canberra

PART 3: The business of Australia’s parliament takes place in two houses. Learn about what happens there and how parliamentarians represent Australians

Australia’s system of government

"The Coat of Arms of Australia, seen on a beige pillar at the Old Parliament House in capital Canberra."

PART 4: The Constitution tells us Australia is a representative democracy. We look at what this means and how our system of government compares to others around the world

Inside Australia’s top job

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaks to the media to announce sanctions on top Russian officials following the invasion of eastern Ukraine, during a press conference in Sydney on February 23, 2022. (Photo by Steven SAPHORE / AFP)

PART 5: We all want to know who will be prime minister after the federal election. Let’s look at how we choose our prime minister

Parties line up in the game of politics

NewsWire Photos MARCH 31, 2022: 
Prime Minister Scott Morrison with Anthony Albanese and the entire Reps chamber posed for a formal photograph before Question Time in the House of Representatives in Parliament House Canberra.
Picture: NCA NewsWire / Gary Ramage

PART 6: Parliament works a bit like a team sport, with teams called parties fighting to win, plus a few extra people called independents

On the election campaign trail

How to vote cards from the 2019 Federal Election.

PART 7: Here’s how parties and candidates try to convince people to vote for them

When the PM visits the G-G

Governor-General David Hurley. PHOTO: Contributed

PART 8: Learn about the role of the governnor-general – including why the prime minister must visit before an election – and what happens if we become a republic

Welcome to Canberra, home of democracy

"The Australian Parliament House (with Heat Wave effect) in Canberra, Australia."

PART 9: Australia’s grand national capital city was a compromise that settled an argument between Melbourne and Sydney

What do elections have to do with me?

Local Sunbury College student Natasha Pedersoli is one of 120 Year 11 and 12 students selected to participate in the 21st National Schools Constitutional Convention, being held at The Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House in Canberra

PART 10: Kids can have a say, be leaders and help make a difference for the future, well before the voting age of 18