How to get our FREE Climate Change Education Kit

As the Glasgow summit gets the world talking ‘net zero 2050’, students can learn all about climate change – from the causes and impacts to what we’re doing to about it – in our new education kit

The Kids News Climate Change Education Kit is now available.
The Kids News Climate Change Education Kit is now available.


The Glasgow summit has again put climate change in the spotlight.

As global leaders discuss how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve net zero by 2050, Kids News is giving students the tools they need to understand the issues with our Climate Change Education Kit.

The digital kit is designed for students in Years 3 to 8 and comes with a workbook of 20 activities that delve into everything kids need to know about Climate Change, from its causes and impacts, to what’s being done to tackle it.

Activities are created by teachers and aligned to the National Curriculum.

The kit content covers:

  • Climate change overview
  • Climate change in Australia
  • Biggest polluters
  • Global Climate action
  • National climate action
  • Net Zero 2050
  • Solutions – big and small
  • What kids can do
  • Natural climate change
  • Climate anxiety

The workbook is supported by 10 feature stories under our Education Kits topic page at

These stories about climate change will assist students to answer the questions in the workbook.

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