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Funny Kid author Matt Stanton answers your questions

September 17, 2020 6:30PM Kids News

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Matt Stanton’s latest book in the Funny Kid series is Funny Kid Belly Flop. media_cameraMatt Stanton’s latest book in the Funny Kid series is Funny Kid Belly Flop.


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Well done to all the kids who sent in great questions for author Matt Stanton to celebrate the launch of his latest book, Funny Kid Belly Flop.

Here are our favourites, with Matt’s answers in the video below.

  • What is a word you put into the book that you had to spend days figuring out how to make it fit right into the story? – Jackson
  • What would you say is an interesting writing quirk you have? For example, I stick my tongue out when I write! – Ruby
  • I’m a twin! Why did you choose to have twins for main characters – especially a girl and boy just like me?! – Zara
  • Do you reflect before you write and draw or does it come naturally? – Mark Anthony
  • Is the Funny Kid series based on your childhood and the things you used to do as a kid? – Katey
  • I have been wondering, how did Max and Hugo get to be friends? – Riyon
  • Have you ever felt like you were actually Max in the book, or do you think he’s too weird for you? – Rayaan
  • If you were to make your book into a movie, would it be live action or cartoon? – Ricky-Lea
  • Did you have other titles for Funny Kid? – Ryan
  • Do you and your wife, Beck Stanton, ever edit each other’s books? – Flynn

Funny Kid author Matt Stanton answers questions from Kids News readers


Max and Abby hardly ever agree on anything … until now!

They are both desperate to get out of this Friday’s swimming carnival in the latest, hilarious book in the Funny Kid series from million-copy bestseller Matt Stanton.

Max is the funny kid, and there’s a swimming carnival that needs cancelling.

A sea-monster, the maths olympiad, spotty rashes, good twin versus bad twin and a swimming instructor named Chad are just some of the things in store for Max and his friends in this brand-new Funny Kid adventure. 

media_cameraFunny Kid series author and illustrator Matt Stanton has released his latest book, Funny Kid Belly Flop.


“My favourite thing in the book was everything.” — Elliott

“Better than Wimpy Kid, Big Nate and Tom Gates combined.” — Ally

“Humour is injected into every page.” — Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Reading Time

“Absolutely hilarious.” — Tim Harris, author of the Exploding Endings series

Funny Kid Belly Flop by Matt Stanton media_cameraThe cover of Funny Kid Belly Flop by Matt Stanton.


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Funny Kid Belly Flop

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