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Look who has Australia’s healthiest lunchboxes

March 27, 2022 2:00PM Kids News

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Healthy Harold and his healthy lunchbox. For Kids News. media_cameraHealthy Harold and his healthy lunchbox. For Kids News.

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The competition was fierce and the nutrition was high. Healthy Harold’s search for Australia’s healthiest lunchbox has ended in success with six delicious winning entries.

Healthy Harold and his friends – Life Ed, Woolworths Fresh Food Kids, Dairy Australia and Nutrition Australia – called on kids around the country to create their best-balanced boxes to encourage healthy eating habits.

The munch anticipated winning lunchbox creators were:

Will from Wilkins Public School, NSW
“I eat from the rainbow and make sure I fill my body up with things that make me strong and give me energy,” Will said.

Australia's healthiest lunchbox for Kids News - Will media_cameraWill’s winning lunchbox contains healthy food to make him strong and give him energy.

Khalea from Five Dock Public School, NSW
“It offers variety from all of the five food groups. It provides kids the nutrients they need to maintain health, feel good and have energy,” Khalea’s mum, Hayley, said.

Australia's healthiest lunchbox for Kids News - Khalea media_cameraKhalea’s colourful school lunch includes food from the five food groups.

Darcy from St Michael’s School Gordonvale, Queensland
“Diversity is my aim when packing lunchboxes. Different plants, serve of protein, wholefoods, quick and easy food my kids love. Lunch is my child’s favourite meal,” Darcy’s mum, Laura, said.

Australia's healthiest lunchbox for Kids News - Darcy media_cameraDarcy’s mum likes to provide lots of different foods for school lunch.

Madeleine from Belle Vue Park Primary School, Victoria
“It’s got a bit of everything: vegies, hummus, cheesy veg loaf, raspberries and best of all, a sandwich on mum’s homemade sourdough. Yum,” Madeleine said.

Australia's healthiest lunchbox for Kids News - Madeleine media_cameraMadeleine loves having a sandwich on her mum’s homemade sourdough bread in her lunchbox.

Juliet from Brabham Primary School, Western Australia
“It contains delicious, colourful and affordable foods from the five food groups we should be eating every day,” Juliet said.

Australia's healthiest lunchbox for Kids News - Juliet media_cameraThere’s lots of colourful foods in Juliet’s lunchbox.

Maya, Fleurieu Occasional Community Children’s Centre, South Australia
“Both my parents are chefs and love sending me varieties of food with of course a cheese stringer for fun,” Maya said.

Australia's healthiest lunchbox for Kids News - Maya media_cameraWith two chefs for parents, Maya’s lunchbox always contains a good variety of food.

The all-star school lunch spreads were chosen from 167 entries and packed a punch with a combination of delicious snacks from all the major food groups, including grains, meat and alternatives, dairy and alternatives, fruits and vegetables. The lunches were practical, fresh and affordable to prepare for school each day.

Life Ed Australia chief executive Kellie Sloane said getting children involved in packing nutritious lunch options helped set them up for a healthy future.

“Around a third of a child’s daily food comes from their lunchbox,” she said.

“School is a time when children start to make independent choices about their lifestyles. This is an important time to talk about and encourage healthy food habits.”

Woolworths nutritionist Felicity Curtain said kids learnt important nutritious eating habits when they helped prepare their school lunches.

Each of the six healthy lunchbox winners received a $250 Woolworths e-Gift card, while each of their schools won a $500 Life Ed voucher and $250 Woolworths e-Gift card.

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