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Healthy Harold’s tips for staying healthy and happy during Covid

November 22, 2021 6:00PM Kids News

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Healthy Harold has had some special masks made for his giraffe face to protect him from Covid-19. Picture: Life Education media_cameraHealthy Harold has had some special masks made for his giraffe face to protect him from Covid-19. Picture: Life Education

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Covid is a word we’ve been hearing a lot about over the past year. It’s meant big changes for many people – kids included!

Covid-19 is virus, which could make a person sick, a bit like when you get a really nasty cold. It gets in people’s saliva, snot and breath. It spreads easily when a person sneezes, coughs or breathes too close to other people.

But there are many things we can do to keep ourselves strong and well. Like getting a good night’s sleep and washing our hands. We can also wear a mask to help stop the virus spreading.

There have been so many changes because of Covid. Sometimes Harold couldn’t visit his friends at school and he started missing them and feeling a bit worried and sad.

Harold’s dad explained that not being around people was a way of keeping safe, to stop the virus spreading. Talking to his dad made him feel better.

Harold soon discovered other new and exciting ways of catching up with his friends. He had fun talking to them in his virtual classroom.

Although Harold spent a lot more time on devices during Covid, his dad explained that screen time could be important for school and for staying connected.

Healthy Harold has enjoyed staying active during lockdowns, including riding his scooter. media_cameraHealthy Harold made the most of lockdowns by riding his scooter and spending more time with his family. Picture: Life Education

But we also need to balance screen time with outside time. Harold made the most of lockdown by practising his soccer skills, riding his scooter and spending more time with his family. Getting some fresh air and exercise also helped Harold to feel good.

What things have you done during Covid to make you feel healthy and happy?

Here are Healthy Harold’s answers to some recent questions about Covid-19 and other things Kids News readers have asked about:

Q: How do masks protect us from getting Covid-19?
A: Wearing a mask helps stop our germs from going into the air around us and helps stop us breathing in other people’s germs too. We need to make sure we wear and use our masks safely and correctly. Masks also need to cover our nose, mouth and chin. I had to get some special masks made for my big giraffe face (haha). Remember to clean your hands before putting a mask on and after taking it off.

Q: How can you cope well with sad moments or stressful ones, Healthy Harold?
A: Wow, great question! These are really tricky “big” emotions lots of people (and even giraffes like me!) struggle with, so remember you are not alone. It can be good to talk to a trusted adult about how you are feeling – someone like a family member or teacher.

Mother Having Serious Conversation With Teenage Daughter At Home media_cameraTalking to a trusted adult like a family member or a teacher can help if you are struggling with “big” emotions. Picture: iStock

It’s also helpful to know that although these feelings can be uncomfortable, they can help us. This might sound strange but if have these feelings and listen to the clues our body is giving us, they help us to know that something is not right and can remind us to seek help.

When I’m worried, I find it super helpful to relax myself by taking some deep breaths. I also like to get active and spend time with my friends and family.

Q: How do you gain the courage to speak up or ask a question?
A: You might not realise this, but sometimes I don’t feel very brave at all and can get nervous about asking questions in class. Did you know that being able to speak up for yourself is a skill, and it takes time and practise for many kids to develop it?

Teacher Standing In Front Of Class Asking Question Looking At Students media_cameraBeing able to speak up and ask questions is a skill kids need to learn and practise. Picture: iStock

My dad helps me to feel braver by practising at home and pretending that he is my teacher.

It might sound funny, but it really helped me to feel prepared.

My teacher also found ways to help me feel safe to speak in class. Instead of speaking in front of the whole class, we broke into small groups and practised with our friends.


You can ask Healthy Harold a question by clicking HERE. Please don’t include names and personal information about yourself or others. It’s important we respect everyone’s privacy.

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