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Healthy Harold’s tips for getting in the mood to move

November 3, 2021 6:00PM Kids News

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Choosing an activity you enjoy is a great way to ensure you move regularly, and Healthy Harold loves to ride his scooter. Picture: Life Education media_cameraChoosing an activity you enjoy is a great way to ensure you move regularly, and Healthy Harold loves to ride his scooter. Picture: Life Education

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Did you know our bodies love being active?

Keeping ourselves moving is not only great for our bodies but it’s also really important for our minds.

Exercise can help your brain become faster and stronger. Getting your heart rate up and getting a bit puffed can feel good.

Girl and boy running, jumping outdoor media_cameraExercise is good for physical and mental health. Picture: iStock

When it comes to exercise, Healthy Harold loves mixing it up. There are so many ways to get active!

Fast walking, dancing, riding a bike or scooter, playing, running and doing sports are just a few ways Harold gets his moves on.

He also likes climbing on monkey bars, doing gymnastics, dancing, running, skipping and jumping … there’s no end to the fun!

Healthy Harold's got the moves

In the mood to move? Try one of Harold’s top tips for keeping fit.

Get creative with exercise
When it comes to exercise, don’t be afraid to try new things. Why not set up your own school sports carnival in your backyard? Or create your own scavenger hunt, running from clue to clue.

Make exercise fun
Not everyone likes the same thing. Choose activities that you find fun. Are you a ninja warrior or a dancer? A runner or bike rider? Find an activity that is right for you.

Happy African Father And Son Dancing Having Fun At Home. Full Length Shot, Empty Space For Text. Little Boy And His Daddy Spending Weekend Together Bonding and Dancing media_cameraTry having a dance at home with your family. Picture: iStock

Don’t let the weather stop you
Exercise can be done inside and outside. On a rainy day, hold your own indoor dance party, set up an indoor maze or try some yoga moves.

Involve your friends and family
Exercising with others can be fun and help us get in the mood to move.

Drink up
Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Keeping hydrated is important for busy little bodies. It helps stop our muscles from feeling tired, stops us from getting too hot and keeps us healthy.

What are you waiting for? Get moving!

There are so many ways you can get active. I am sure so many of you have ideas too. If you do, Harold would like to hear about them.

Vitality concept. Watch repeat the moves, poses from the helpful video! Cute sweet cheerful joyful with long hair schoolgirl and slim sportive mom are doing stretching exercises in room om purple mats media_cameraExercising with someone else is a lot of fun and can also encourage you to get moving. Picture: iStock


You can ask Healthy Harold a question by clicking HERE. Please don’t include names and personal information about yourself or others. It’s important we respect everyone’s privacy.

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