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Healthy Harold shares his tips for calming a busy brain

October 19, 2021 6:15PM Kids News

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Taking a walk outside and looking for a certain colour in nature is one way Healthy Harold calms his busy mind. On this “colour walk” he’s looking for blue things. media_cameraTaking a walk outside and looking for a certain colour in nature is one way Healthy Harold calms his busy mind. On this “colour walk” he’s looking for blue things.

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Healthy Harold is always here to help kids like you find ways to be healthier and happier.

This is called being “mentally healthy” and because October is Mental Health Month, Harold is inviting you to Harold’s House to find out more about it.

What is Harold’s House?

It’s a safe and happy place you will find on YouTube Kids where everyone is welcome to come and visit Harold and hear what he has to say.

Just like Kids News, Harold’s House is a place where you can ask Harold questions, meet some of his friends, get free activities and even see how Harold decorates his room!

Episode one is called “Harold’s Busy Mind”.

Have you ever felt like you have had a busy brain? A mind so busy that you just can’t concentrate? Does it sometimes feel like you are running in a race but you are actually standing perfectly still like a sleeping giraffe?

Well at times like this Harold can help!

Maybe you can try one of Harold’s favourite things that help him to feel calmer when he has a “busy brain”.

Calming book. Small child sleep on green grass. Bibliotherapy. Mindfulness and relaxation. Napping time. Back to school. Non-formal education and learning. Relaxing book for better sleep. media_cameraClosing your eyes and imagining some of the scenes from your favourite book can help you feel calmer. Picture: iStock

Here are some things you can try:

  1. Read your favourite book. Then close your eyes and imagine some of the scenes in the book: what do they look like; can you imagine yourself there too?
  2. Spend time looking at clouds. Take your thoughts, imagine each of them in the clouds and then watch them drift away.
  3. Go for a “colour walk”. Many of us have heard of the colour run, but perhaps not a colour walk. Go outside for a walk in the fresh air. Choose a colour. See how many things you can spot that has your special colour.
Child lying in the grass looking at clouds. media_cameraHealthy Harold also suggests taking time to look at the clouds. Picture: iStock

There are so many ways you can help calm a busy mind. I am sure so many of you have ideas too. If you do, Harold would like to hear about them.

Harold is so excited to have so many of you coming to visit Harold’s House. Every couple of weeks he will have different things to talk about on YouTube Kids. Look out for more episodes including Harold talking about his favourite exercises and what Harold thinks when his family tells him to get off his device.

What? You thought giraffes didn’t go online? Well, how do you think he has been doing his home schooling?


Healthy Harold's House

Mindfulness image for Ask Healthy Harold. Woman teaching daughter meditation and yoga. media_cameraMindfulness means spending time to calmly think about your thoughts, feelings and how your body feels at this moment – and it’s great for your mental health.


You can ask Healthy Harold a question by clicking HERE. Please don’t include names and personal information about yourself or others. It’s important we respect everyone’s privacy.

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