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Great whites’ mystery deep dives

Apex marine predators such as great white sharks regularly visit the midnight zone more than 1000m below the ocean’s surface – but it’s a secret society as scientists don’t know why they do it

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If you happen to cross a Cassowary you are supposed walk back slowly and put something like a big or a branch between yourself and the animal.

Swimming cassowary stuns at beach

A southern cassowary has been filmed swimming to the shore of a Queensland beach in a ‘fish out of water’ moment, proving the flightless bird is not afraid to get its feathers wet

Thylacine, which is the subject of a "de-extinction" project with the University of Melbourne and Colossal Biosciences.

Supplied: Colossal

Tassie Tiger comeback on track

Tasmania’s famous thylacines could be back from extinction by 2028, according to the project team, but not all wildlife experts think resurrecting and releasing the species is such a good idea

Man saves dog from kangaroo

Man saves dog from kangaroo

Video of a man saving his dog from the grips of a wild kangaroo has been watched more than 2.4 million times – but was there more than one victim in this story? WATCH THE VIDEO

128 Grazer, a female brown bear, was declared the winner of Fat Bear Week 2023. Source: Supplied / Katmai National Park/Instagram

Fat Bear Week winner announced

Don’t mess with mama bear ‘Grazer’, a single parent who takes on rival brown bear blokes like a boss and has snagged the 2023 title in Alaska’s most watched talent quest