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The Heart Project by Archie Cronk

Making magic for sick kids at Christmas


In hospitals all around the world each Christmas, The Heart Project creates incredible photo artworks for kids too sick to go home, making memories that families treasure forever

What we searched for on Google 2010-2020


This year’s bushfires prompted a bigger spike in Australian Google search queries than any other news event this decade, with floods and Cyclone Yasi also making the top-topics list

Lawsona and Gabrielle with their Aquerator invention

Aussie schoolkids inventing the future


A robotic aerator to save river fish, a voice app to help people living with dementia and a photo-recognition app that sorts rubbish have been named Australia’s top student inventions

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Latest Stories

Greta named Person of the Year for 2019


Swedish schoolgirl activist Greta Thunberg who became a household name after encouraging 4 million people to strike over climate change is named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

World’s best wildlife photos of 2019


One of these incredible photos will be the winning entry in the 2019 Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award. Which would you vote for?

Banksy's mural, including a man named Ryan asleep. Picture: Instagram

Banksy’s touching Christmas reindeer mural


World-famous artist Banksy has painted reindeer pulling a street-bench sleigh, aiming to highlight the plight of people sleeping rough. The public’s reaction was heartwarming

Undated. Minke whale. Whales.

Volunteers rescue stranded baby minke whale


A baby minke whale beached in South Australia has been saved by volunteers and rangers. Kids News investigates what is known about why whales become stranded on beaches

Tourists rescued as island volcano erupts


New Zealand’s White Island volcano has erupted suddenly forcing the dramatic rescue of tourists who were exploring the crater floor when it began to rumble

Big Bird reads to Connor Scott and Tiffany Jiao during a taping of Sesame Street on Thursday, April 10, 2008 in New York. Being Big Bird is sweaty, physical work. But puppeteer Caroll Spinney, who has worked on Sesame Street for nearly four decades playing both Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, has no wish to be anywhere else. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Sesame Street farewells its kindest, grouchiest star


Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch’s puppeteer — the “most unknown famous person” – has died after 50 years creating joy on Sesame Street

Astronauts working on the ISS. Picture: NASA

Worms and mice at International Space Station


Astronauts on the International Space Station have taken delivery of super-muscled mice, pest-killing worms and a robot that can sense how the astronauts are feeling

NASA’s totally unexpected Sun surprise


NASA’s Parker spacecraft has reported back that the Sun is sending out sudden, violent bursts of solar wind so powerful that the magnetic field flips itself in the opposite direction

Woman trapped in mountain of ‘cornflake’ algae


Seaweed piled high on Queensland beaches has trapped at least one runner, who had to be rescued from the algae. While seaweed is not unusual, people have never seen so much at once

Piece of Jesus’ manger home for Christmas


A tiny piece of wood that some Christians believe to be part of the baby Jesus’ manger has returned to Bethlehem just in time for Christmas after 1400 years in Rome

Light bulb with brain inside the hands of the businessman.

Growing ‘mini brains’ and zapping them to life


In a world first, Australian scientists are zapping balls of brain cells they are growing in a laboratory to make them come to life in a real-life, good-news version of Frankenstein

A long line of reasons to leave halftime alone


In our weekly series, award-winning cartoonist Mark Knight considers the downsides to a reduced halftime break at AFL matches — and they quickly started to line up

Artwork for Kids News kit on How the World Celebrates Christmas

50 fun activities on the history of Christmas


Our feature series and 50-activity workbook will help students understand the history and evolution of Christmas, the religious and cultural aspects of its celebration and how traditions vary across the world

25/11/2002. Adam Schwarz gets ready for Hanukkah at the Jewish Museum.

‘Tis the season for customs and traditions


PART 1: It’s an exciting time of year — school’s almost over, holidays are about to begin and kids around the world are preparing to celebrate Christmas or other cultural festivals

The history behind our decorations


PART 2: The reasons why we hang tinsel, stars and baubles on our trees at Christmas stem back hundreds of years. Discover the stories behind our favourite decorations, characters and traditions

Christmas Pudding

Festive foods and where they come from


PART 3: Ham, plum pudding and prawns on the BBQ are all traditional Christmas foods in Australia, but how did these festive delicacies originally make their way to the Christmas table?

Christmas Time

Interesting tales behind our popular carols


PART 4: Do you hear what I hear? It’s the sounds of Christmas in song. There are many interesting stories behind some of our most popular carols — one is even written in code!

Santa films you can watch over and over


PART: 5: Here’s our guide to the best Christmas movies for children. But watch out, their storylines offer a mix of laughs, wishes, hope and most feature the jolly man in the red suit

christmas gift wrap

How to have a greener and cleaner Christmas


PART 6: This time of year shouldn't be about buying things we don’t need and sending rubbish and unwanted gifts to landfill. Here are 10 tips on how to have a sustainable Christmas

Merry Christmas in different languages

Anyway you say it, it’s a merry greeting


PART 7: Learn how to say Merry Christmas in 20 different languages and discover 10 amazing festive facts and some of the strangest yuletide world records


First Aussie reaches heart of Antarctica


An adventurer from Queensland has become the first Australian to reach Antarctica’s Pole of Inaccessibility, just one leg of an epic journey to help men and women experiencing breast cancer

The world map of names

World map of most common last names


A fascinating new map has plotted out the most common surnames in every country in the world. Can you guess the most common last name in Australia?

Energy Drinks Case Study

Energy drinks robbing teens of sleep


Energy drinks loaded with caffeine are depriving Aussie teens of sleep, a major new survey shows. Experts want advertising of the drinks banned on public transport

2020 Newcombe Medal

World No. 1 Barty’s precious gift


As Ash Barty accepted the Newcombe Medal for the third year in a row, she admitted she’d given away all her racquets to force herself to take a break before a big summer of tennis

Elijah Lewis with his Peace on Earth mural. Picture: World Vision

Student uses art in fight for peace on Earth


After reading about the experiences of child soldiers in Africa, student Elijah Lewis created a unique art piece to highlight that war is wrong and all children should be able to grow up in peace

Chubby boy is looking at junk food plate

Junk food tells lies to your brain


Sugary and fatty foods have the power to change how your brain works and stop you knowing when you’re full, but scientists believe you can retrain your brain to beat junk food addiction

Short Story Competition THE WINNERS artwork

Read the Top 50 stories from our finalists

book club

With 1900 entries received in our short story writing competition it was a tough task for the judges to pick our winners and the top 50 finalists. See if your story was a winner here.

Drones deliver baby coral to save Reef


Scientists with an army of robotic drones and a fleet of backpack-sized inflatable pools are working to save the Great Barrier Reef as part of the world’s largest science and tourism group project

Brain surgery

Operating on Obama’s 3D-printed brain


In a world-first, Australian doctors have operated on a 3D-printed brain to rehearse for a real brain operation. Up next, 40 brain surgeons operating on 3D printed brains all at once


Farewell good boy, Sergeant Ridgleigh Blue III


The Australian Army has said goodbye to their much-loved retiring blue heeler mascot, who makes way for two-month-old pup Private Ridgley Blue IV

Short Story Competition THE WINNERS artwork

10 and under winner: Emily to the Rescue

book club

Rose Pullinger. of Hobart, has won the 10 and under prize in the Kids News short story writing competition for her story about a daring rescue that threatens to ruin a family celebration

Short Story Competition THE WINNERS artwork

11 and over winner: A New Beginning

book club

Amaeh Reed of Cairns has won the 11 and over prize in the Kids News short story writing competition for her tale about a refugee’s risky journey to flee and find a new life in Australia